1. Alone Time

    Date: 10/29/2017, Categories: Masturbation, Author: desperatedamsel, Source: LushStories

    When I applied for college I knew I would be giving up my privacy as soon as I set foot in that dorm room. Freshman year, living with one other person, wasn't terribly difficult. It only got more difficult from there. I loved my roommates, but living with four other girls isn't nearly as fun as the porn videos make it seem. It wasn't until four months into the first semester that I found some time truly to myself. Two roommates went home, one had a sporting event at a school the next state over, and the last was out with her boyfriend for the weekend. Knowing I had a full two days to myself felt like being a kid in a toy store. Thankfully, the toys were already purchased and stashed away under my bed. Class on Friday was slow, I could feel the excitement bubbling up under my skin and between my legs. It was early October, so the campus was filled with falling leaves and chilly breezes. I had gone for a pair of leggings and a baggy sweater. Knowing my plans for later that night I had neglected to put on panties. The tight fabric fit snugly against my legs. Now, I'm not and have never been a tiny girl, so the fabric did nothing to hide my somewhat thick thighs. Despite the baggy material of my top, my full breasts made a point to stand out. I had long since come to terms with my body shape, and I would never complain about the hourglass I had to work with. "Enjoy your weekend, I will see you guys back here on Monday," the professor had said when she turned away from the ... board. I gave a gentle smile to some classmates but ultimately I was just in a rush to get out of the room. A few texts from my roommates confirmed that they were already gone. I used to curse myself for having to be in class the latest on a Friday but today it worked to my advantage. I tried to take my time to walk back to my apartment without looking like I was in a rush. A classmate stopped me to have a conversation as I was about to walk into the building and I swear he probably thought there was something wrong with me. He cut the conversation short and allowed me to go on my way. Once in the apartment building, no one really bothered to interrupt my half-jog to the apartment. Opening the door to hear nothing inside was so rewarding. I locked the door, just to be safe, and headed to my bedroom. That door was quickly locked as well. I knew no one was home, but the paranoia hadn't worn off. As soon as my bag hit the door I was grasping for a bag I kept far under my bed. The toys I had desperately wanted to play with were waiting for me. My pussy was quickly reminding me that it had been a long time since I last toyed with it. The wetness was causing the soft fabric to cling to my skin and I was subconsciously squeezing my legs together as I stood staring into the bag. Eventually, I decided upon a little vibrator that I knew would curve just right up into my gspot. I had bigger things in the bag, but I also had the whole weekend to play. I took the time to gently slip my shirt ...