1. Glamour Shots, Chapter 16

    Date: 10/29/2017, Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: Stormdog, Source: LushStories

    She was heat and liquid inside, molten, a tight velvet haven for my straining hardness, and she groaned softly and stretched languorously as she pushed her ass back against me, taking me in. When she had taken all I had to offer, when I was all the way in, she paused and reached back to put her hand on my hip, holding me there. “You’re so hard! Were you dreaming something sexy?” Her voice was soft and sleepy. I hugged her to me, my hand finding her breast and holding it, enjoying the incredible sensation of her impaled so deeply on my cock. “I don’t remember…guess I must have been.” To my ears, my voice sounded as sleepy as hers. She started to slowly move her hips, fucking herself on me. “Mmm, that feels so good! Whatever the cause, let’s not let it go to waste.” “Heaven forefend! You know, you’re a bit, umm…moist yourself – what were you dreaming about?” She chuckled at my vastly understated description of her cum-drenched sex. “Oh, that? I was entertaining the troops while you slept.” “Oh. All of them?” “Don’t be ridiculous! No, just one platoon – virile young men though, I will say that! We ran out of condoms in no time, but we didn’t let that stop us.” “Well, as long as you enjoyed yourself. Seriously, though…” She laughed, and then pushed her ass back against me. “I can’t even make you jealous! Seriously, as you say, that’s mostly you – you did come in me twice, if you’ll recall, once just a couple of hours ago.” I held her tight and thrust into her, making her moan. ... “So, sloppy thirds for me, I guess – such fun. That’s not all me though.” “No, I was definitely having very crazy, wild, erotic dreams, and having you all hard against my bottom helped too.” “Tell me.” “What?” “Tell me what you were dreaming about.” “No, that’s too embarrassing! Let’s just make love.” We had been the whole time, slowly moving together in a very relaxed, slow, horizontal dance of love and sex, our almost frantically powerful sexual arousal and urgency expended earlier. This was different, less about sex, or need, and more about love, each of us savoring the way the other felt, their mere presence, and simply enjoying all of the incredible sensations created in and by our bodies as we coupled. Our teasing conversation was a minor distraction taking place on a different plane than those physical things. I squeezed her breast gently. “You know you never need to be embarrassed to tell me anything.” “It’s all pretty…kinky, I guess. Outrageous. For us, anyway.” “All the better! I like kinky, and anyhow it was just a dream! We have no control over those. Go ahead, tell me while we make love – we’ll call it multi-tasking.” “You consider making love to me a ‘task’?” I chuckled. “No, never. It’s just an expression. Tell me.” “You probably won’t like it.” She moved her head against my arm as she said that, wriggling herself more tightly into my embrace. “What does that mean? I like erotic, sexy things.” “It will probably make you jealous. Or maybe feed your insecurities.” ...