1. Twin Japanese Nieces Pt6

    Date: 10/30/2017, Categories: True Story, Asian, Incest, Teen, Straight Sex, Romance, Teen, Toys, Wife / MILF, Teen, Author: 1MTNMN45, Source: sexstories.com

    Twin Japanese Nieces Pt6 Kayko and I made love for the next hour while the girls swam laps in the pool. It was more like leg exercise because they were hanging on to kick boards and just kicking with their legs. In any case it didn’t matter because I was inside my wife again and loving every minute of it. We switched positions many times on our king size bed, rolling around and enjoying every sensation we experienced. Her on top riding like a cow girl, me on top either pile driving her ass into the bed or giving her the slow grind with long powerful deep strokes. But it never mattered what position we were in when it came to Kaykos’ pussy. I was always in it, and she was always squeezing and milking me in one style or another. I will tell you all now, and this is no shit, Kayko is the most dynamic, versatile, flexible, and loving woman I have ever had the privilege of. I love her so much it hurts. And the things she does for me only amplifies that feeling to an inexpressible degree. (Sorry guys. I’m on the road and I really miss my wife.) We finished up our round with me on the top, hammering into her like I was possessed. As my orgasm approached Kayko grabbed her ankles with her hands and spread her legs out wide open in a big V, offering herself up without any resistance of any kind, completely submissive and extremely vulnerable. I don’t know how she was able to do it because she was coming like an open fire hydrant. Her cum was squirting out from around the side of my ... dick with each inward thrust as I hammered away. With two more quick strokes I thrust down into her as deep as I could go and held my ground as my dick exploded. Kaykos’ mouth opened in a wide smile as the first blast hit her insides. I grunted and jerked, forcing my dick into new areas inside her as it spewed cum like a ruptured artery. With each squirt Kayko would squeeze with her pussy, urging me to cum inside her more. It felt like everything inside me was being shot into her threw my dick. I collapsed onto her chest and hugged her to me with all my strength as my orgasm continued for what seemed like hours. Kayko immediately locked her legs around my back with the grip of death and began kissing me like we had not seen each other for years. It was fantastic. If I could have crawled inside her I would have. We were locked together not as two people, but as one spirit stuck in two bodies trying to reunite. When I heard Kayko gasp, the moment was over. I was squeezing her so tightly that she was having trouble breathing. She is tiny when you compare her to me and I can easily over power her even on my worst day. But in the heat of the moment I had just got a little carried away and used too much force. As I raised myself up from her she had the warmest smile of appreciation on her face. Even though the rest of her was a mess she still looked great. As we lay there giving each other little kisses and just enjoying the afterglow we heard the girls come in and start up the ...