1. Jessica meets Master M and Mistress V (Part 1)

    Date: 10/30/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Trans, Author: Want2BeTrans, Source: xHamster

    Jessica was lazing around in bed one weekday morning. She rolled to the side and reached for her tablet on the bedside table. Laying face down, naked under her duvet, her little clit pressed against the mattress. She unlocked the tablet and opened the browser to log online and check her new messages on her favourite site. When she opened her inbox and saw new messages from the married couple she was chatting with her heart beat a little faster and a smile grew on her face. She read the messages, re-reading to make sure she had read everything correct. They were going to be nearby that weekend and had listed their hotel in the message asking how close Jessica was and if she could meet there finally, after all their chat and flirting. She hastily replied with details for meeting them within their hotel bar on the Friday night when they arrived, the whole time she was mentally picking out potential outfits for finally meeting this hot couple. The days passed and Friday had finally arrived. The whole day, Jessica could barely contain her excitement as she prepared for her meet. Taking a nice long bath and shaving what little needed to be shaved (as she liked to live as smooth as possible). She slipped into a red thong with black lace trim, and the matching bra, before pulling on a little black dress which tightly hugged her body showing her curves, even showing off her budding small breasts that had started to form but more importantly tightly wrapped over her arse. She slipped ... into some black strappy heels, and double checked her little bag for anything she might need that night. Phone, purse, some make up incase she needed to top hers off, and a small bottle of lube. She pulled up into the hotel car park and gave herself one final check in the rearview mirror. She was happy with her make up and ready to proceed inside. Through chatting with this lovely couple, she knew to address them as Master M and Mistress V. As she walked into the bar, it was quite empty, so she ordered a vodka and coke from the young bartender before taking a seat in a corner booth table at the back of the bar. She recognised Master and Mistress as they walked into the bar, his arm around her, them both smiling while chatting. She watched as they approached the bar, getting drinks for themselves, before turning to scan the bar. Their eyes glanced over at Jessica in her corner booth and they started to walk over. Jessica got up to greet them both, giving Mistress a hug and kiss on the cheek and then the same to Master. They sat and chatted a while, enjoying their drinks before they suggested heading up to their room. Jessica got up, as both Master and Mistress admired her dress and body, eager to take her upstairs and have some fun. They got into the lift, pressed for their floor, and as soon as the doors shut both Master and Mistress put and arm round Jessica as she was in the middle, feeling them both grabbing an ass cheek each and squeezing. She smiled and giggled as the ...