1. Courtesan Ch. 02

    Date: 10/30/2017, Categories: Cuckold, Author: goodhusband, Source: LushStories

    Standing huddled in the doorway to Smithson's Jewelry Store trying to weather the bitterly cold north wind was difficult enough. Reliving the memory of that awful night when I finally reached the inescapable conclusion that Kelly had fallen in love with another man made it even more unbearable. I remembered crying for over an hour. When I finally stopped crying I was still heartsick, but I was able to pull myself back together. The emotional outburst had released tension and anguish that had been building up inside of me for the past several months. I could focus again. I forced myself to try to approach the problem analytically. I had a theory that my wife may have fallen in love with another man, but that was all it was, a theory. Before I dared to confront Kelly I needed proof. I also realized that there could be other explanations. It was possible that Kelly was ill, or the pressure of her job had caused her to have a mental breakdown. I decided to wait and watch. If my wife had actually fallen in love with another man, there would additional be signs. The next morning Kelly's mood had not improved. When she walked into the kitchen I was making French Toast. I greeted her with a warm smile and said, "Good morning Kelly, I made your favorite breakfast." She glared at me while she silently poured herself a cup of coffee and then she sat down at the kitchen table. When I offered her a slice of French toast she waved it away and blandly said, "I'm not hungry." I sat down at ... the table and watched her sip her coffee. After a moment I said, "Kelly, you're not yourself. I think you should consider seeing a doctor." She looked up at me. There was pure venom in her eyes. In an icy voice she said, "Timmy, I am going to repeat what I told you last night. I work very hard at my job. It's taking all of my energy right now. I would appreciate it if you would stop harping at me every time I come home." Scowling, Kelly stood up, turned her back to me and stormed out of the kitchen. I followed her. "Kelly, I'm starting to wonder if you're having an affair with another man." My wife stopped. For a moment she stood perfectly still and then she turned and quietly whispered. "No Timmy, I am not having an affair." "Do you still love me?" She nodded. "Yes, I do." Kelly and I stared at each other. After a moment she sighed and retreated to the bedroom. She quickly returned carrying her overnight bag. "Timmy, I have to go to Las Vegas for a day. I'll be back tomorrow night." She walked over and gave me kiss on the cheek. It wasn't the kind of kiss a wife would give to her husband before she left for an overnight trip to another city. It was more like a kiss a mother would give to her son as she was leaving for work. I watched Kelly walk out the door. After she was gone I silently mouthed the words, "I love you." Kelly returned home from her trip to Las Vegas at about 6:00 pm the next day. When she walked into the house I was in the kitchen making fettuccine carbonara ...