1. The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 29) - Her Brother, Part One

    Date: 10/30/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Blackmail, Domination / Submission, Humiliation, Incest, Lesbian, Straight Sex, Non-consensual sex, Water Sports/Pissing, Author: All These Roadworks, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter 29 HER BROTHER, PART ONE Laura looked again at the rules for interacting with her brother during his visit to town. (1) Dress like a slut. Your outfit should be at least as slutty and publicly inappropriate as if you were wearing nothing but underwear. (2) Don't discourage him in any way from any affection or sexual interest he shows in you. Don't say no, or look disinterested or unhappy. If he hugs you, lean into it. If he gropes you, moan sluttily to show how much you enjoy it. (3) At least once each hour you spend with him awake, you should ask him if you're a bimbo, if you're a slut, if you're sexy, if you're a well-behaved fucktoy, if you're a dumb bitch, if you're a good little cunt, or if you deserve to be raped. You must get him to agree to all of them before he leaves. (4) You must sleep in his bed with him each night, naked. (5) You must let him watch you fuck your slut girlfriend at least once. (6) Give a sexual or degrading answer to any question he asks you. (7) If he hasn't fucked you by the last day of his visit, you must show him your house and entertain him there for at least three hours. - - - Laura arrived at her brother's hotel room wearing a trenchoat, and nothing beneath it except lacy pink panties and bra. She had been told by her blackmailer she had to be wearing something "at least as slutty as underwear", and therefore she though underwear was probably the least slutty thing she could get away with wearing. She had arranged with him on the ... phone that she would stay the night, sharing the bed - it sounded innocent over the phone, and she suspected he might have a different opinion if she had asked once he had seen how she was dressed and acting. Daniel opened the door, and went to hug her, but Laura quickly stepped past him into the room. It was large and lavish - Daniel's work appeared to be paying well. There was a large double bed, a floor to ceiling mirror, a couch and TV, and a spa in one corner of the room. It looked sumptuous and inviting. Laura waited for her brother to close the door, and then quickly removed her trenchcoat. Even for the new, sluttier Laura, this made her blush, her cheeks a bright red as she showed off her body to her brother. "Laura, what the hell?" Daniel asked, shocked. "This is how I dress now," Laura said, avoiding eye contact. She wanted to ask him not to make a big deal of it, but she wasn't allowed to discourage his interest, so instead she said, "Do you like it?" He was speechless for a moment, then said, "Um... you look great." "Thank you," she said. "Um... Erica's not going to wait up for me. Is it okay if I crash here tonight?" "Of course," said Daniel, still uncertain what was happening. He settled for stepping forward and giving his sister a hug. Laura leaned into it, conscious she was to encourage his interest. She melted into her brother's arms, felt her tits press against his chest, nestled her head in his neck. Honestly, it felt good, even if it was her brother. It was ...