1. Morning Surprise

    Date: 10/30/2017, Categories: Fetish, Hardcore, Mature, Author: hvlover, Source: xHamster

    I see you log in about 7am! hum... So there you are just logged on... as you are reading my last msg (about an hr earlier), you feel a light breeze inside your legs that are open because you're cock is getting excited. You look down and see my hand right in front of your panties hovering above your swelling cock! What a surprise! You can see up my skirt that my panties are wet with excitement. I'm wearing my new blue silky m&s panties and they feel so silky on my stiff cock that i'm leaking pre cum into the gusset. You lean under your desk to get a closer look, you reach out to trace your finger tips under my dirty panties on my balls when you jerk! I've got my mouth over your fat clit in your panties and you can't help but push out with your hips. Your hand reaches the damp silk between my legs and we both groan together. We get up and move to your bedroom, my hand down the back of your panties, finger rimming your cunt. Your hand down the front of my panties grasping my pole, your mouth watering, you're wanting to suck my hardness, gagging to taste my pre cum. We reach the bed and I lay down while you go to your wife's side of the bed and with a cheeky smile, you hand me a pair of your wife's smelly panties saying to me &#034Right you like the thought of licking my wife's cummy cunt, here you are, put these over your face and taste these fresh off half an hour ago.&#034 gosh you weren't joking, her cunt had deposited a good load of creamy cunt juice and she smelt divine. ... As i am pulling her dirty panties over my face so that her cummy gusset would be over my nose and in my mouth, I see you pulling another pair of your wife's dirty panties over your face. I pull you down on the bed and our faces rub panties together over our noses and mouths. You push forward and i feel your cock against my cock. As we start grinding together we sit up and take each others cock-clits out. I push my cock inside your big clit hood and we rub pee holes together. You take over and make me hard inside your clit-hood. You are rubbing us together frantically now and i have your balls in my hand, milking you and my thumb rubbing over your mancunt. &#034I'm going to cum&#034, you shout, and I tell you you're a dirty panty licking, cock licking, cum drinking, gorgeous panty boy and I want you to spurt your spunk over my cock that you are jamming pee hole to pee hole. &#034Wank my cock in your spunk&#034 I tell you, &#034get your spunk all over my cock and turn around for me&#034. As you turn around and bend over the bed, i pull your panties to the side and slide my spunked on cock up your cunt. You open up eagerly and beg me to fuck you. You push back into me and I reach around into your panties again, at the front. Your clit throbs as i rub and stoke it in your wife's dirty silky knickers. &#034spunk up my cunt you dirty panty licker&#034 you encourage me but i want to turn you over first. You lay on your back, knees apart and clit stuck out beautifully. i enter your ...