1. Sissy's first BBC

    Date: 10/30/2017, Categories: Gay, Interracial Sex, Trans, Author: AshleyXmith, Source: xHamster

    This happened awhile ago, i was 19, and i figure some people have asked me to write more so here goes =] I was lookin around on craigslist... so i was horny and wanting it! Scrolling around and found a black guy who wanted some ass. No real specific requests, so i figured i may as well reply. In my town it is a bit rare to find black men who are down to fuck a sissy! I had sucked one BBC before while visiting North Carolina, sucked him off in a park which was great =] But that is another story and not nearly as entertaining. So he replied back. Very little info. A pic of his cock... which did a lot of convincing hehe. Here is the pic on the ad.. yes i kept it =] That and my horniness kind of sealed the deal. So I got all smooth and dressed up. I put my long curly hair into pigtails, naturally hehe. I had basically this outfit on, but instead of the white panties i had on my crotchless black lace boyshorts with tiny pink bows. Then i put on snow pants and a coat, and pushed my hair into a large beanie. It was like january, and snowy, and night time. So i was ready. I got his phone number and got in the car, google mapping the address he gave me. The closer i got the more nervous i got. When i finally got to the neighborhood it was a trailer park... and not a very nice one. There were not paved roads, or they were really terrible. Hard to tell through the snow. But i was super horny, and i reasoned to myself that i was always nervous as fuck driving to a place dressed like a ... girl to meet a stranger... just go for it. So i got there. And wow. walked through a broken up white fence.. knocked. and he opened the door. Big guy, tall. Not really fat, but very big. He was wearing jim shorts and a t shirt. Didn't say anything just moved so i could go in. I went in and immediately almost tripped. The entire trailer was covered with clutter. And it was freezing. But i was in.. and he was closing the door. He mumbled something and started walking so i followed him. navigating through boxes and clutter, we got to his room. It was pretty much just a queen sized mattress with a laptop next to it and then piles of clothes. He got straight into bed and under the covers and i just stood there. Nervous as fuck and wondering what i had gotten into. Looking up at me standing there he said &#034Well get in here, its freezing!&#034 It was true. And it was nice of him to be concerned i supposed. So i stripped off my coat and pants, facing away from him. I pulled off the beanie. And when i turned around he was looking at me.. and just sort of laughed at me and held the covers up for me to get under. When i got in, we were both lying there face down on our elbows. And he was setting a movie up on the laptop. The whole time he was just asking me WHY i dress up and stuff. And sort of scoffing at my terrible attempts to justify it. Then he asked if i had seen Batman The Dark Knight, which i had actually not seen at that point. He scoffed at me not having seen that too.. very ...