1. First Lady pt1

    Date: 10/31/2017, Categories: Lesbian Sex, Taboo, Author: thecuddlyone, Source: xHamster

    It was a fresh but bright, late September evening when my &#034boyfriend&#034, Dave, picked me up outside my house, I had told my mum I was going to do some refer work with Dave's daughter for a school project, (an excuse, once again provided by the devious mind of Dave), &#034I'll have her home by 10,&#034 he called to my mum as she waved me off. We drove for around fifteen minutes before pulling up outside a large detached property. The area was one that I didn't know at all. &#034 Come on sunshine,&#034 said Dave, &#034want you to meet a new friend of mine,&#034 his words sent a shiver down my spine as I remembered the last &#034friends&#034 of his and what I was expected to do. He knocked on the door, shortly after it was opened by a large,dark haired woman in her fifties, &#034 Dave darling,&#034 she called out giving him a large kiss on his lips, &#034 and this must be young A.J., my what lovely hair you have my dear,&#034 her fingers entwined in my hair which was tied loosely in a long-tail, &#034Dave has told me so much about you, and those photos Dave they did not do her justice!&#034 She motioned us in, closing the door after I had entered. &#034 In here my loves,&#034 she led us into an exquisite living room. A large sofa lay against the far wall, whilst a chaisse longue, obviously being used by the woman lay opposite beside a luxurious sheep-skin rug content of an open fire. &#034 A.J. this is Audrey, Audrey,A.J.&#034, the woman smiled, she was around five six ... tall, chubby with shoulder length, dark brown hair. She was wearing a long velvet skirt in a brownish hue and a crisp, white blouse, open at the neck enabling a view of a deep cleavage, &#034Gorgeous as ever Audrey,&#034 flattered Dave as he stood by the chaiss longue, Audrey laughed,&#034 Flattery will get you everywhere Dave, but then again you know that!&#034 She sat up on her seat, &#034 Now shall we get comfortable? A drink anyone?&#034 Dave asked for a whisky and ginger ale, Audrey moved across to a walnut dresser and poured his drink, &#034I shall have a large vodka and tonic, how about sweet A.J.?&#034 &#034 She likes a nice Bacardi, large of course,&#034 answered Dave on my behalf, &#034with a dash of cola too please Audrey&#034, why he chose Bacardi for me I do not know, I'd had it once at his home, didn't really like the taste and after two glasses had been so Pissed I'd let him open my legs and fuck me , shooting his spunk all over my tummy, &#034There we go sweetheart,&#034 Audrey passed me a tumbler, I sipped at it, Christ it was strong, Dave laughed as he saw my grimace, &#034 Right Audrey, you said I could use your power shower? Didn't have chance to grab one at home with having to whisk the princess here,&#034 Audrey nodded sitting back down, &#034You know where it is? Towels are on the heated rail,&#034 &#034I wont be long babes,&#034 Audrey called after him as he left the room,&#034 You take as long as you want fun, best shower on this side of town, am sure ...