1. First Lady pt1

    Date: 10/31/2017, Categories: Lesbian Sex, Taboo, Author: thecuddlyone, Source: xHamster

    Anne and I can keep each other occupied, can't we darling,&#034 she looked straight at me taking in my view head to foot, I was dressed in a bright red vest top and a knee length , plaid skirt with ankle socks just showing above a pair of low boots. Audrey stood up and moved beside me on the sofa, &#034There now that is better isn't it,&#034 she placed perfect hand gently on my knee, &#034Mom isn't it quiet in here? &#034 Her left hand moved higher on my leg, she put her drink down on a small,oak table and undid another button on her blouse, her fingers filming against the double string of pearls she wore. I gulped,where was her husband? Why had Dave left us? What was I here for? As Andrew's hand caressed my inner thigh I was about to find out.tbc