1. My Roommate's Strange New Appendage

    Date: 10/31/2017, Categories: Gay, Hardcore, Trans, Author: michellcd, Source: xHamster

    When Gem fainted at my house I barely caught her in time. She was a much bigger girl than me at 5'4&#034, but I still managed to prop her down somewhat steadily. She'd been complaining of lack of sl**p due to studying, so I went from panic mode to contemplative mode quite fast. In fact over the past few days I would be studying with her and look over within seconds she would be out like a light. I ran and got her a pillow. By the time I got back she was quite hot and starting to sweat, so I got a cold pack and started undressing her. I didn't have any romantic feelings for her-she was my best friend; my life mate. The sweat started pouring off of her as if she was shivering and I took off her pants and her panties, which clung to her wet pussy. She was perfectly hairless, like myself. I wouldn't take her as the pretty blonde girl but she did have beautiful green eyes and dirty blonde hair. It was black originally but of course she had style. When Jem groaned it sounded erotic rather than in pain. Her hand moved to her groin and then fell off to the side. As I watched, I saw her clit wiggling. Yes wiggling! Then twitching and then moving and swelling incredibly fast. It was like a strawberry. Her lips became puffy and closed up seaming together as my jaw fell to the floor in shock. I grabbed her hand and squeezed it lightly to make sure I was alive, and subconsciously the movement was the same as saying, &#034are you seeing this shit?&#034 Well, Jem wasn't, but it was quite ... evident to me that she was feeling it and feeling quite pleased with herself, even smiling to herself in her sl**p. Her clit separated into a beautifully plump small head and continued to push itself up and out into the world as if it were a small effeminate flower bud. Soon she was 2 inches, 3 inches, then five inches and thickening. I abashed and shameless, put my hands on her swelling sack to feel it pool over my hands like gooze expanding. I embraced the increasing heaviness and gasped as it became two large tennisballs, then g****fruits while her cock all of a sudden changed its demeanor to a monstrous undead creature trying to dig the rest of its mass out of a grave-heaving out, then resting, then heaving out some more as it attempted to attack upwards along her skin. 11 inches that's when it seemed to become aware of my presence and instead of going up her belly it rose out and downwards towards me, and then it looked like it was itself threatened, and spreading itself wide to make it appear bigger-but in fact it was now monstrous and the veins were beginning to pop out like slides and it drooled hungrily at me. I gulped. Jem woke up and screamed, and I happily joined her. &#034What happened to me?! Holy Shit Erika Holy fucking shit!&#034 She just stared in shock at it, just like I was, as if it were some sort of cinematic debut. &#034Jem, don't touch it. Maybe it will shrink back to the way it was.&#034 I said. Jem then looked at me. &#034My exam! I have to go!&#034 And ...