1. my first time with my friend

    Date: 10/31/2017, Categories: First Time, Interracial Sex, Mature, Author: iamsuperman007, Source: xHamster

    A few months ago I had a great experience that was not only unexpected but unforgettable. I had been seeing a friend off from the International Airport. By chance I met a young woman who had just farewelled her parents on an overseas holiday. She lived with her parents in a small country town on the West Coast and I had known her mum and dad before I moved to the city. The daughter, I’ll call Jessie, was still in high school, and was now a gorgeous young woman of eighteen; some twenty years younger than me. While we were having a coffee in one of the airport café’s she mentioned that she wasn’t all that keen on driving the long way back home in the dark, especially as she would then be there by herself. I suggested that she stay at my flat and then continue the drive home the next day. When she agreed I told her to follow my car back to my place. When we arrived I put a couple of TV dinners in the oven to heat and opened a bottle of cold chardonnay. By the time dinner was ready we were almost through the first bottle of wine; the conversation was moving well, going from one subject to another with ease. The meal, accompanied by another bottle of wine, followed. When we’d finished the meal we sat in the lounge, talking and savouring the wine. Jessie said she loved wine and had been encouraged to drink sensibly by her parents from the age of thirteen. I don’t think her parents would think that two bottles was sensible, but they were on holiday anyway. While we talked, I told ... her that I’d always thought that she was very pretty and now thought she was a beautiful young woman. This seemed to please her and she told me that she’d always had a crush on me too. I put my arm around her, kissing her gently; she surprised me by returning the kiss very passionately. I imagined the drink was having an effect on her. After talking and listening to music for about another hour I said that I was ready for bed. I showed Jessie her bedroom and went and got her a pyjama top. She went to the bathroom to change and I went to my bedroom and undressed. I didn’t know what to make of the returned kiss, so with a little anticipation I too only put on a pyjama top and got into bed. A short time later there was a quiet knock on the door and she came in, looking anything but s*******n. Her pyjama top just reached far enough to cover her pussy. After getting into bed beside me she was quite embarrassed and nervous, she told me she had never been in bed with a man before. She asked me to promise that I would not do anything to her as she was still a virgin. I told her that I would not do anything to her unless she wanted me to. I put my arms around her and kissed her a few times, saying how gorgeous she was and how fantastic it was being in bed with her. I knew I would have to take things very slowly and keep talking quietly – if I hoped to have her surrender to me. Every time I said how beautiful she was she snuggled up a bit closer and answered softly with a moan or a sigh. ...