1. First gay bookstore booth

    Date: 10/31/2017, Categories: First Time, Gay, Author: api0148, Source: xHamster

    So about two weeks ago I was driving around for work on I-70 when I began to become extremely horny. During my drive I knew I would pass a little abs. I have passed this place many times before and have played out countless fantasies in my head about hooking up with many guys and getting passed around like a little whore, but I never had the nerve to walk in. Today all that changed when I finally stopped in. As I pulled up my heart was racing with the anticipation of sucking off guy after guy and being used like a dirty little slut. I found a spot away from the door and waited in my car to compose myself before I began to walk in. I entered the bookstore and was greeted by the attendant who explained how the back area worked. I purchased some tokens and made my way into the video area. At this point I was rock hard and my throbbing cock was busting out of the thong I was wearing under my skinny jeans. The video area was dark and when I walked in I saw several middle aged men who eyed me up and eyefucked me. I made my way to a back booth and noticed there was no door. At first this made me very apprehensive, but I sat down and inserted my tokens to start watching a movie. There were tons of gay and transsexual selections to pick from. I chose a scene with a leather clad shemale who was being sucked by a big bear daddy. I then dropped my skinny jeans around my ankles and slid my rock hard cock out of my thong and began to slowly stroke it. I was so fixated on what I was ... watching that I didn't notice the guy standing in the entrance of the booth grabbing and rubbing his cock through his pants. After jerking for him a little longer I stood up and walked over to him. I immediately began to undo his pants which revealed a nice thick cock around 5&#034 long. I began to rub my cock into his and coated his tip with my precum. I then slowly began to lower to my knees until his cock was right in front of my face. I began by grabbing his cock and lifting it upwards so that I could have easy access to his balls. I then started to swirl my tongue on his balls and lightly sucking each ball into my mouth. He tasted so good, it was everything I thought it would be and I began to get lost in the moment. I then licked from his balls all the way up the underside of his shaft, which caused him to let out a moan of approval and satisfaction. I then took his large head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around his head and pee slit while sucking hard. He began to leak cum out of his cock and it's saltiness made me so desperate for more. He then grabbed the back of my head and said &#034no more teasing&#034 and thrust his fat cock in my mouth to the base. I could feel his cock stabbing my throat, which caused me to moan in pure ecstasy. I began to suck his dick hard and fast until he said he was gonna cum, at which point he jolted my head all the way down his fat cock and delivered a sticky load deep in my throat. After this he cleaned himself up and left. I then sat ...