1. First gay bookstore booth

    Date: 10/31/2017, Categories: First Time, Gay, Author: api0148, Source: xHamster

    back down in my seat and continued to watch the shemale who was pounding the twink's quivering hole. I then looked up again to see stranger number 2 standing there but naked stroking his larger 7&#034 cock. He said the other guy recommended he come back here and that he could hear his moans from the hall. Upon approaching stranger number 2 I noticed there was another black man who had made his way back to my booth as well. He was around the same length as the other guy, but his cock was as thick as a coke can, which made my mouth water with anticipation. I dropped the my knees and began to suck on the first guys dick while stroking the black guy. Once the first guy was sufficiently hard I switched. In between cocks I would spit on their dicks and rub them together while flicking their heads with my tongue. I then attempted to take both of them in my mouth at the same time. I always fantasized about this and would jerk it to pictures of a girl doing this all the while imagining I was her and I was the slut being used. After this the black guy asked to fuck me to which I said yes. I removed a condom from my pants and put it on with my mouth as I inched it down his magnificent cock. I then bent over and began to suck off the white guy. I could feel the black man's pens pushing against my asshole until finally he pushed in. I left out a quick gasp and moan, it felt like he was gonna tear me open, but at the same time it felt better than anything I had ever experienced before. ...
    He began to slowly inch in as I eagerly moved my ass against his cock. I then felt a warm rush throughout my body and I began to suck on the white guys dick hard by grabbing his ass and making him deep throat me. After a little of this furious sucking I felt his body stiffen as he shot his load down my throat which caused me to fag on his enormous flood of cum. He left and all the while the black guy was behind me pumping away on my no longer tight asshole. I then slipped him out and told him to have a seat on the booth bench. Once he was seated I climbed back up onto his cock and began to impale myself on his thick shaft. I began to move my ass up and down sometimes stopping when I took it all to grind his cock back and forth against my prostate. It felt so good that I was about to explode. I told him I was about to cum and grabbed my dick and began stroke it hard. I held it in as long as I could until I began to c thick ropes into the air on my chest and his. Shortly after this he raised me off his dick, removed his condom and shot his tasty seed all over my face and chest. Afterwards he said &#034 you need to clean me off&#034 to which I began to lick my cum off his chest and suck his cock head to get every last drop. After this a couple more guys came in my booth, but neither was as hot as my first two encounters. I've stopped back at this bookstore a couple more times, but I haven't seen any of those guys again. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!