1. Legend of John Doe

    Date: 10/31/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Asian, Teen, Cruelty, Drug, Extreme, First Time, Hardcore, Horror, Incest, Interracial, Lesbian, Masturbation, Mind Control, Pregnant, Romance, Teen, Teen, Toys, Teen, Author: Unknown user, Source: sexstories.com

    This is my first story. I know it need some edit, but understand English not my first language. This story contain dark fantasy and pregnancy with some incest. You been warn. Other then that feel free to read. Why so evil Your life was never easy , even at school you been bullied and don't have much friends. Your teachers always on your case about your poor performance . Oh out all your anger , your sister the worst of the worst . She always showing off to your mom she better. With straight A's and captain of Denver knight cheer leading squared . Everyone seem to love her, but you know she's cold hearted bitch and good at hiding it to everyone . One day at school , she came by to pick you up to go home. Right before you step inside the car you saw your crush Abbie. She 18 blond hair blue eye goddess , a body any girl would die for. Your sister know you have a thing for her. She yell out of the car " hey Abbie , want to see something interesting ?!" With an evil smile on her face , Staci pull out her phone showing Abbie a photo of you masterbating with a picture of her , your holding. " omfg your brother such a fucking perv" Staci started laughing " I know right, he a freaking loser." Abbie turn her head to you and said " look you ass hole , you stay ten mils away from me or I"ll call the cops to get a retraining on your perverted ass" then walk away. Your heart broken , your life feel like shit. You sit down in the car trying to hold it all inside you, but in your mind. ... Your going to get your revenge and that going to be a bitch. Your sister on top of your revenge list. Five days later after the accident , he well get his wish. You are walking home one day from school and it starts raining about halfway home. It isn't raining hard so you just walk your normal pace. All of the sudden it starts to lightinng and thunder and you see a bolt of lightning hit the transformer about ten feet in front of you. When the lightning hits it causes the transformer to explode and it sends off a weird charge that feels like it goes right through you. It knocks you back and you hit your head on the ground and you pass out. You awake roughly ten mins later to an ems checking you out making sure you are ok. After you are checked out and told you are fine you finish your walk home. About an hour after you get home you feel a headache coming and you go to bed early. In the morning you awake early even though it is Saturday. Your mom hears you moving around and knocks on your door and asks " John are you alright your up early?" She opens the door and walks in after she asks. Your mom is 45 years old, her name is Monica. She is 5'4 long brown hair half way down her back, has 36dd tits which you love to look at. Has a nice ass a little big but still very nice. She is wearing a tight tshirt which all tshirts seem to be tight on her, blue jeans. And from what you can tell no bra. She looks at you as she awaits your answer to her question. " Yes mom I'm fine" you finally ...