1. African-American Studies Part 2

    Date: 10/31/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Interracial, Rape, First Time, Author: ndouglass, Source: sexstories.com

    Malcolm gripped his tea cup, his hands shaking with rage as he watched the morning news. He had to do his best to control his anger enough to remember to hit record; it would certainly make a special treat. He was, in a way, glad he had caught it. He had intended to play it back, on repeat, but those intentions did little to counter the growing rage. Mrs. Finnegan, perfect little Rebecca Finnegan's perfect little mother was plastered on every local channel. It was only nine in the morning. She had only gone missing yesterday afternoon and already her face was on every telephone and cell phone in the tri-state area. Already her mother was on tv, explaining through bursts sobbing, how special her daughter was to her. This fucking town. If Rebecca Finnegan had been a Black woman, the police would have told her parents not to worry. It hadn't been twenty-four hours yet. They would have told her parents that they had to wait an entire day before she was officially missing. If she had been Black, the police would have brushed her off as promiscuous. No need to worry, your little Black daughter was probably just off fucking her thuggish Black boy friend. She was probably too high to come home. But no, not for perfect little Rebecca Finnegan. The police were more than happy to bend the rules when a cute little white girl like her went missing even though it had only been fifteen hours. Fifteen short fucking hours and the little white cunt was already an Amber alert. Malcolm ... downed the tea in a single gulp despite the fact that it was still too hot to drink. He yanked open the book shelf, unlocked the heavy iron door, and marched down the stairs. He had only been gone a few minutes, just long enough to microwave another cup of herbal tea. He had intended to wait longer. He had intended to let her baste in depression and fear while he ate a nice breakfast and gave himself time to get hard again. At his age, it didn't exactly spring back to life like it used to. But, well, fuck it. He was angry. He was livid, and there were other ways to get hard again. She looked up vaguely when he turned the lights back on. She was still crying, sobbing really. Her pretty little face was still puffy with tears. Her tight little white body was still shaking with the force of her sobs. But still, she didn't look at him like he wanted her too. Her expression was more exhausted than it was afraid. It didn't make much of a difference. He was going to make sure she was awake. She looked at him dully with her tear filled blue eyes and watched him march over to her. Her exhaustion faded into a rush of cold adrenalin the closer he got. Good. He thought he had already broken her. He smiled at her pretty little face. She thought, for a second that he was smiling at her and not at how cute and fragile she looked covered in his cum. She was going to have to get used to it, there was a lot more where that came from. Thank God for Viagra. She flinched away when he grabbed for her ...