Date: 10/31/2017, Categories: Fetish, Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Author: Jizzylady, Source: xHamster

    The 3rd Lady in the waiting nervously in the waiting room was Cynthia. Now she was a very prim and proper Lady of some breeding sort of upper class and well off. What I wondered was she doing here with these bulls? She was dressed in a light cream pencil skirt a white blouse, black bra, which was showing itself through the blouse. Her hair was tied up and she wore butterfly framed glasses. Her shoes were high brown stilletos and she had a pair of seamed tanned stockings. She had been looking at the framed photos of the masked and numbered Black Studs on the wall and written down a selection for later. I noticed how long she was speaking to the Madam of the evening and the Madam seemed to be arranging something? It turned out that Cynthia had been working in mid-Africa as a missionary Lady, well she had the money to indulge that passion. I spoke to her with interest but what was her reason for being here? She worked for a mission, mostly housing orphaned boys to young men! The men from the mission were not able to control the boys with their preaching and they would get very naughty and unruly! When she got to the mission the boys as always were running about some semi-naked most naked!!! Well she explained they were original tribesman boys, usually the most they would wear is a hunting loin? This she said was a garment which made from twine strapped down their Cocks from slapping about, over this a flap on material. She did say if they ran about without this the stimulation ... would make their dicks hard and often spurt semen! The elders knew this effect too well, the young ones either just discovered it or were into it to orgasm. One major side effect of the unruly boys was the number of girls who had become pregnant in the villages about, often she would see boys fucking women and girls either in the bush or fields to relieve their lust!!! She said also that these boys were all very well hung and the ladies did not fight against their attentions! She had to stop the population explosion though.things were tight,poverty high! Her idea was to relieve the boys and take away the pressure off their full balls? She had thought it through many times and her male bosses were waiting for her to sort this out? She had noticed how many times the older negro men had watched her walking about. She allowed this to go further with a few men, they touched her lilly white tits and wanted to see her bra, which was unusual to them. Most of there women over 30 had long saggy tits, even longer after k**s had swung and suckled off them. One guy around 30, tall slim lad came to her hut and asked her to lower her black bra...she has 48DD tits, so ample and full. He played with them and got very hard, his dick up in the air, balls hanging and swinging low. She noticed like most men he had pearl studs under the skin of his black shaft, these were the number of conquests, Big ones were a count of banged up women, he had lots of both. She touched his hot dick as he sucked ...