1. My College Days As The Intern: Part 3

    Date: 10/31/2017, Categories: True Story, Black, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Gay, Masturbation, Author: RICHDARKNINE, Source: sexstories.com

    After catching my breath I gave him a quick kiss, got up and started looking for my clothes. I said “Mr. Derek you have the mouth of the gods but I don't see any way this is going to work". He got up as I searched for my underwear. He said "I won't accept that answer" "All I want is to put on my underwear at the moment" I said. He came over there where I was and gripped my semi-soft cock. "You don't want this anymore" he said. So I asked him again "you do know I'm straight, your married, and my boss how can we continue this in this small company of only 60 people". He didn't answer me but handed me my shirt, socks, pants, and shoes. As I put on my clothes I couldn't help but notice that something was missing. I looked over and he had my underwear swinging them around on his right index finger. Just to see his reaction I picked up my coat from behind the desk and told him "keep them to remind yourself of the best thing you won't have again and I'll see you next year after winter break". He grinned as I left and grabbed me and asked "why are you always playing hard to get?" I think he was mad because I didn't respond but just gently moved his hands away from me so I had a clear path to leave. As I left he was all I could think of. I kept thinking it was for the best, I will not put myself in a situation that will hurt my future, and he’s not worth it and so on. BUT the most unreal thing happened as I reached my truck. I DROPPED MY KEYS IN HIS DAMN OFFICE! I was mad enough to ... eat and spit bricks. I was cursing myself out the whole way back to his office. When I had gotten back to his office he was sitting there waiting on me with my keys plus my underwear in his hand. I tried to grab them but he caught me off guard when he grabbed my dick. I instantly gotten a hard on when he touched me, I was mad, upset, and still horny as HELL. But with all my might I pushed away from him and thought I grabbed my keys but it was the underwear instead. I thought to myself what type of crazy luck do I have. He grabbed me and pulled me super close so I told him "if you not going to give me head again STOP touching me" Derek smiled and said "all you had to do was ask". My cock twitched then all I knew was my pants hit the floor and dick was rock hard within seconds. I tugged away and snatched my keys away and pulled up my pants and was about to walk away but he still caressing my cock in his hand. So I turned back facing him and he said "there is no reason why you should be afraid of me. I know your confused about rather this situation makes you gay or straight or neither. All I can say is I want you in my life in more ways than one, just think about it over winter break." Then with my dick still basically jerking me off Derek pulled me closer and gave me kiss that made my knees weak and didn't stop until I came in hand. I was satisfied that I couldn't even think straight as I pulled up my pants to turn away from him as he said “ see you next year”. The walk back to ...