1. The Retrieval. Chapter Two

    Date: 11/1/2017, Categories: Lesbian Sex, Author: Black-Alice, Source: xHamster

    &#034What movie?&#034 &#034The Princess Bride,&#034 Jules replied. &#034You know, that whole 'as you wish' thing?&#034 &#034Mmmm,&#034 Leah agreed sl**pily. &#034Me too.&#034 &#034But, um,&#034 Jules continued softly. &#034You, uh...you know what Wesley meant when he said that, right?&#034 Silence. &#034Leah?&#034 Jules whispered as she pulled her head back slightly to try and look at the blonde woman's face. Leah's eyes were closed and she was breathing steadily, asl**p. **** Jules settled into her pillow and started running her fingers lightly up and down the bare skin of Leah's back. Leah made a small sound in her throat and frowned in her sl**p before moving in even closer and nuzzling Jules's breast. Jules liked the way Leah was snuggled up close. This intimate contact felt nice. It was...comforting. No, it was more than that - Jules had to admit that this woman made her feel safe in a way that no one ever had. She was especially thankful for that secure feeling right now because she couldn't help but think about what they had to face in just a few hours. The afterglow of the amazing sex with Leah continued to rapidly fade away as the minutes ticked by and sl**p continued to elude her. As hard as she tried not to let it, the threat of tomorrow kept relentlessly crowding into the redhead's thoughts. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. The rational part of Jules's brain knew that worrying about it wasn't going to make it go away or keep it from happening. ... Another heavy sigh escaped her lips. She tried to stop thinking altogether and just be thankful for the fact that she didn't have to face this alone. Jules leaned her head down and kissed the top of Leah's head. It was at this point she came to the conclusion that the problem was that tomorrow wasn't only about going back to DC and dealing with the threat - it also meant facing Leah in the cold light of day and sorting out everything that had happened tonight. It shouldn't be that big of a deal, should it? Jules felt like they had connected - likereally connected...but what did that really mean? Did Leah feel it too? The redheaded Federal Agent tried to imagine the future and what it would be like with Leah. Jules didn't do relationships - or at least she hadn't done one in a really long time. Maybe it had been too long. But shouldn't she at least consider the possibilities? Maybe it could be different this time with Leah...so why was the prospect of that scaring the hell out of her? Really? The little voice in her head popped up and called her out. You make this amazing connection with the blonde Xena over there and that scares you? Yes, Jules admitted silently. It scares me. What exactly is the scary part of this? Is it the great sex? Or the fact that she really seems to like you? Oh, wait, maybe it scares you that she saved your ass and then hung around to protect it and e****t you back home. Is that the scary part? Just shut up, Leah scowled. I don't want to talk about it. Oh, ...