1. We Met On A Plane - Part 3

    Date: 11/1/2017, Categories: Masturbation, Author: Billfrank1955, Source: LushStories

    Joan and I met during my weekly commuter flight from Newark to Milwaukee. During that flight, she favored me with the distinct privilege of fingering her pussy to orgasm. Afterward, we had dinner and then retired to my hotel room for a night of exhibitionist sex. Our viewers were a couple of coeds whose room had a window not twenty feet from my hotel window. Then, two nights later, she invited me to her home and we had sex in the hot tub and her bed. She made me promise to give our hotel viewers a couple of times to remember while she was away on a business trip the following week. The first time, she wanted me to jerk off in the window and capture my shooting and the coeds’ expressions. The second time, she wanted me to go to their place, have them give me a blow job, cum on one or both of their faces and video that too. On the same commuter flight a week later, I could hardly contain the excitement I felt for the night that was to come. I had asked the clerk at the hotel to book me into the same room before I left the previous Thursday, so I would be sure to be across from my two coed voyeurs. She did her work and my room was ready when I checked in. I wanted to follow the same timeline as the week before, so I went out for dinner at the same restaurant and tried to walk and eat at the same pace. The conversation Joan and I enjoyed must have slowed us considerably though because I got back to the room almost an hour earlier than I wanted to. The lights across the alley in ... the girls room was dark. Rather than take a shower, I took a long hot bath, luxuriating in the warmth and recalling Joan and I in the hot tub. The memories got me hard in no time, but I stuck to my promise to shoot a video for Joan and post it to her Google doc site. Once dry, I went into the bedroom and made sure both the thick drapes and sheer drapes were open as far as they could go. Still, the girls’ room was dark. My room has two king sized beds with four pillow each and are separated by about two feet with a shelf in the middle. The bed nearest the window also has a two foot aisle and I decided that would be where I would stand. I set the pillows up in the middle of the far bed and placed my phone on an angle, lying on it’s side and tested what kind of shot I would get. If I got to do this, Joan would not only get a good view of me yanking my crank, but also of the girls in their window. In preparation, I brought with me a large unlined pad of white paper and a large black magic marker. Those, I set on the window sill. I placed a towel on the floor by the window and declared my preparations complete. There was not anything good on TV, so I just reclined on the bed and relaxed. I thought of Joan away on her trip and of the times we had enjoyed together. I thought of her erotic curves and of the way she could use her cunt to milk me of all my seed. The way she could squeeze me with her vagina almost as tightly as with her hand. I thought of how she could swallow me in her ...