1. Cum for me, baby!

    Date: 11/1/2017, Categories: Masturbation, Author: Cyndy, Source: LushStories

    My second honeymoon was turning out to be much more than I expected. The Caribbean resort was wonderful and I was thoroughly enjoying being in love again. Second chances are amazing! My new husband Jimmy had already surprised me with his sexuality. I think what was more surprising was my new sexuality. Having spent many years in a fairly conservative marriage and sex life, I had no thoughts of anything as good as what I had before. Yet, now, I was entering into areas that were new, exciting, and definitely out of my comfort zone. The first was walking nude through the resort after dinner with Jimmy, who was fully dressed. The next was having an intense orgasm by one of the pool bars late at night and not only being watched by another couple, but having them touch and kiss me while Jimmy made me cum with his tongue. This day, we have spent a wonderful time at the beach under a large thatched umbrella. The color and the temperature of the ocean were beautiful. A day in heaven! We hadn't made plans for dinner, but went back to our suite late in the afternoon and ordered some appetizers from room service and sat out on the deck to enjoy them with a jug of Sangria. I alternated looking at the beautiful surroundings, and looking into Jimmy’s eyes. He has such kind eyes and a mischievous smile. As I stared at him, I could tell he was up to something. “What?” I asked. “I want you to do something for me,” he said seductively. “No, I NEED you to do something for me!” “Sure, baby, what ... can I do?” I replied. “Do you need a massage? Want me to get you something?” “Nothing like that. I want you to go inside, take off your bathing suit, and dress up like you would normally do for going out tonight. Put on your bling. Put on your high heels. But don’t put anything else on. Then call me.” He grinned at the quizzical look I was giving him. “I am not going out dressed like that!” I responded nervously. “Of course not,” he said reassuring. Following instructions like the good girl I am, I did as he asked. I showered, put on my makeup, my favorite necklace, earrings, bracelets and a very cute belly chain he had given me. I pulled out my black strappy high heels, and soon I was ready. “OK I have done what you asked.” I called out to him. Jimmy came in. I struck a seductive pose and smiled. He nodded his head in approval and went over to sit down on a chair in the room. “Okay, this is what I want you to do,” he said in a commanding tone. “I want you to make yourself cum for me. I want to watch you from start to finish. Cum for me, baby!” I had never masturbated in front of anyone before. “Really, you want me to do that?” I asked. “Yes, I want to see you please yourself. Show me. Start by standing up just where you are.” He ordered. I felt nervous and vulnerable, but it wasn't the first time I felt that way with Jimmy. My heart was racing. If I was going to do this, I wanted it to be special. I started by running my hands down my sides, over my thighs, up to my tummy, ...