1. Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Six

    Date: 11/1/2017, Categories: Gay, Author: Man4Married, Source: LushStories

    My bare skin began to tingle from Martin's gentle kissing and strong hands touching and kneading my rounded ass cheeks. For someone on his way to work, he seemed in no hurry to get me naked and moaning under him. Anyway, I was not complaining at all. I felt those strong hands at my waist as he started to pull down the red thong and I shifted to allow him to roll them down my thighs. My exposed semi hard cock nestled against the massive throbbing bulge in his pants. Shifting from one foot to the other, I stepped out of my tight red thong and felt his hands on my bum again. Martin stepped back and turned me around and I felt his gorgeous eyes on me. 'You have such a perfect ass to fuck,' he said softly. His hands slipped around my waist and I felt his breath on my back and realised he was going down on his knees. A wet tongue flicked at the base of my back and I shivered at the sensation. Those manly hands gripped my hips and Martin pressed his face closer and ran his wet tongue over my strong mounds of ass flesh. I automatically clenched my ass cheeks and he groaned. Kneading my backside as he slowly licked and kissed the ass he was going to pound into submission soon enough, I wanted him to take me there and then. My whole body felt ready for his his huge cock. I wanted to touch, kiss and lick it before he plunged it deep into my eager manhole. He must have felt the tension in my body and stood up. Turning me around, he kissed me deeply and I greedily accepted the invading ... tongue. My fingers grazed the front of his crotch as I reached for the zip of his pants and began to free his bulging member from its prison. I traced the ridge of his cock head and Martin pressed his hips into my hand. We were both ready to get this show on the road it appeared. I had to tug his pants slightly to get it over the delicious man meat hidden under the bright blue cotton tight fitting trunks. I decided to return the earlier favour. When my mouth reached his bulge, I stuck my tongue out and licked at the cloth over his cock. I lapped gently at his front and smelt the manly musky scent at last. I small wet spot of pre cum had soaked through. My mouth opened wide and I ran my teeth along the edge of his cock outlined under the trunks. 'That feels so good,' my internet lover to be whispered pressing my lips and teeth closer with added extra pressure. He was going to be too big for me to try and swallow, but I sure would try. My hands ran up and down the back of his strong thighs as I envisioned those muscles clenching as he thrust deep and hard into me. Nothing like seeing hard manly ass cheeks and thigh muscles working up a sweat as they ground into a tight hole. I nuzzled at his crotch but Martin decided he could wait no longer and pulled me back up and led me over to the bed. 'I need to get my cock into that fucking hot ass soon or I am going to explode,' I was told firmly. My body felt warm and alive yet weak and soft at the same time as I lay down on the bed and ...