1. Amy and The Unicorn

    Date: 11/1/2017, Categories: Exhibitionism, Author: EricandAmy, Source: LushStories

    The cab ride to the club seemed very long as Amy and Eric contemplated the evening ahead. It was their first night in the city of Vancouver, and they knew very little about their destination except what they had read on line. The club's web site had advertised a pre-holiday "Lingerie or Less" party as the theme for this months event. Eric had previously submitted their personal information, in addition to their photographs, under fictitious names and they had been approved pending paying a moderate "yearly membership fee" at the door, which would allow them to attend tonight's function. Being in a foreign country, they were comfortable with the fact that they would not encounter anyone they might know, but were less at ease with what the expectations might be of them once they were inside. As the cab pulled up out front at 9:00 pm, there was a distinct lack of activity outside of the club; in fact, it seemed like it was closed. The surrounding area was pretty run down and they now questioned their decision a little as they paid the cabbie and approached the front door. Stepping inside, they were greeted by a doorman and a hostess who let them know that they were the first to arrive, which was to say the least uncomfortable for newbies. The hostess, who was not attractive at all yet dressed in lingerie, ran their credit card for the membership fee, placed a wrist band on each of them, and then le d them to a dingy couch in the next room to view a short video on the club ... rules, which all club virgins were required to watch. Others couples began to arrive now and two other newcomer couples sat next to them as they surveyed the surrounding room which was filled with a variety of lockers, old furniture, and a messy desk. Not exactly like the web page portrayed it. One couple to Amy's right seemed very uncomfortable and the other to Eric's left showed no hint as to what they might be feeling. As the video played, some actors reviewed the club rules about touching, advances, personal protection and other potential situations, while stressing that "no means no." It also stressed that women were to feel safe and that men were not to roam unescorted without their date or they would be escorted out. Single women were allowed to attend the event, single men were not. As the video concluded, Eric and Amy were encouraged to change into their club attire for the evening, which they actually were already wearing, though hidden by their outer garments. Eric sported a pair of leather Jim Morrison pants and a polyester shirt with a mink v-neck collar, black skate shoes, and a thin chord necklace with a small medallion. Amy wore her favorite red and black steel ribbed corset, black thong panties, black sheer stockings, and a brand new pair of $800 Christian Louboutin black pumps with red soles and a 5" stiletto heel. A black wrap around dress with a waist sash covered her perfectly, keeping the secret of the naughtiness that lay beneath, while still showing off her ...