1. How I Became A Cam Girl - Ch.2

    Date: 11/1/2017, Categories: True Story, Straight Sex, Female exhibitionist, Female solo, Masturbation, Mature, Written by women, Author: BestMomEver44, Source: sexstories.com

    My heart started beating like crazy again, and I wondered if this was good for my health. Even though I felt amazing, the best I’d felt in a long time. I swallowed so hard I could almost feel my heart sliding back down my throat and into my chest that I instinctually pushed out, straightening my back. It felt like an eternity as the page started to load. I could see my screen name at the top of the little box where I was about to appear, alongside the built in chat room. Suddenly becoming very conscience of how I looked, I checked myself out from head to toe. Bare feet, no socks and I definitely needed a pedicure. The tight black pants I had thrown on were wrapped around my ankles, hugging my legs that maybe aren’t as skinny they used to be but still in good shape I thought. I slid my hands slowly up the sides of my thighs, digging my nails in lightly, feeling the excitement grow in my body. I let out a light moan as I was still charged up from my earlier orgasm, looking up quickly as I remembered that I had the web cam on. Sure enough, the red light was on and the room had loaded.. “2 users are currently viewing your room.” It said above the chat section. I clicked to see who they were, one of them was me, the other had a screen name like “bigstudmike” or something, I can’t remember now. I do remember giggling though, and blinking before the screen refreshed and now said “12 users are currently viewing your room.” I was in complete shock. There were already that many ... people watching me? I wasn’t even doing anything! Goosebumps took over my arms and I felt a chill run over them. I was nervous as hell. It felt so naughty, but so awesome at the same time. Soon there was all kinds of action in the chat box, people saying hello and how beautiful they thought my body was, some people talking to each other even- who were I guess friends from other rooms on the site. I had to just sit back and watch for a little while, wondering if I should respond or just keep acting like I hadn’t seen what they were saying. I had the camera positioned just like the lady I had watched and cum to earlier, showing from my neck down to my mid section. I resumed checking myself out, now staring down at my breasts that were jutting out as far as ever. Of course I had to pick the one white tank top I own, which didn’t leave much to the imagination. I suppose it was making a good first impression on the room however, everyone was raving about it. “Awesome rack!” “Wow, you are stunning baby!” “Those tits look so fucking hot in that white tank.” “Mmmmm ya I’m gunna have to pull my cock out staring at those big nipples.” I choked reading the last one, looking down again and seeing that indeed my nipples were hard and could clearly be seen through the thin cotton material. Subconsciously I swayed gently in my chair, causing my boobs to jiggle freely under my top. I was already feeling so hot and turned on, I had to stop myself from ripping off my clothes and rubbing myself to ...