1. Senior Moments Ch.4

    Date: 11/1/2017, Categories: Fiction, Gay, Incest, Lesbian, Author: Jax_Teller, Source: sexstories.com

    Senior Moments Ch.4 By Jax_Teller Since I met Nikki and David, my life had changed on many levels. I was not just sexually more active, I had been a tool in a cougars' adventures. It seemed as though I had awoke a sleeping Kink in Nikki. Together we were part of two threesomes in a month and were regularly having sex. David, Nikki's son and I were friends and I was quiet interested in how he could be so happy with me being sexually active regularly with his mother. I knew David was living vicariously though me. I never held anything back when he asked, but didn't brag to him. I was very happy with my arrangement and didn't want to literally screw it up. That being said I was frustrated for David that he wasn't getting laid. I talked to him about the next time there was another woman over that I would try and hook him up. Two weeks went by, Nikki and I were having regular interval sex, often with her fucking me with her strap on. Nikki told me that Jenny her younger sister was coming to stay through Christmas. She told me I was welcome to have Jenny if it came up. I looked forward to meeting Jenny and fucking her. David filled me in about Jenny, telling me that Jenny was a nudist, and when ever possible she would be naked. I thought about the temperatures and that it might not happen. David told me he had seen her naked and that he would love to fuck her. I think David was ready to fuck a squirrel if it would hold still for it. When Jenny arrived, I was surprised at how much ... younger two years looked on Jenny. Nikki didn't look old but Jenny looked much younger. David was very helpful getting her settled and making her comfortable. The first Night Jenny was there, I went home taking David with me after diner so Nikki and Jenny could catch up, and we could play video games. David was apprehensive about not spending time with Jenny and possibly missing out on an opportunity to fuck her. When we got to my place David was ready to play games and I turned on the Big screen TV. I told him that there was something I wanted to watch first. David started to complain about not being around Jenny and not playing games, when he realized on the screen was an image of his living room. He said what the fuck, and I told him that I suspected Nikki and Jenny had been lovers and I wanted to see if given the opportunity they might indulge themselves. David said dude, you are my fucking hero. We watched as they sat and chatted sipping wine. Their conversation eventually went to when they were seniors in high school. They reminisced about boys they'd dated and then Nikki said remember the cottage? I could tell by Nikki's body language that she was getting turned on. I had no reference but figured something happened there because Jenny said oh yeah with a southern drawl to her voice that made my cock stir. Jenny said that was when she first realized her propensity for being nude. Nikki said yeah they spent the whole week naked after their father got called away. They ...