1. Going Homewards: A DOTA (Defence of the Ancients)Tale

    Date: 11/1/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Drug, Fan fiction, Male Domination, Monster, Non-consensual sex, Pregnant, Author: Storyup, Source: sexstories.com

    (Dota, League of legends and Smite sex stories inspired by art from Tortuga) "It is the perogative of all summoner servants to do as their master bids, no matter what is asked of them." It was a rule Lina and Rylai the crystal maiden knew well. Sometimes even appreciated. Whenever they had made a bad tactical move, their summoner and master would be there to correct it. True, summoned fighters could not die. Feel pain and be incapacitated for a long amount of time, true, but not killed. As soon as their summoner gathered enough energy, they could bring them back. "A summoner can NEVER be killed nor Harmed. Any creature of the world who even tried to harm a summoner would be erased from existence." A rule all summoned warriors had come to both appreciate and hate. Appreciate if their summoner was kind, courteous and helpful to his warriors. Hate if they got a total misogynistic and egotistical bastard who only cared about himself and earning cash for himself to use in the city on sluts and fine food and nothing else. They would rather have an idiot for a summoner. He didn't HAVE to control them, just provide them with energy for special/magical attacks and defence. Idiot summoners were managable, even good guys/gals. They didn't even have places to sleep when it came to such summoners. He wasted all his money on himself. Then when these types of summoners ran low on funds and were POLITELY reminded to pay up (No idiot would ever risk kicking out or not serving a Summoner in ... his/her establishment) They ( the female warriors )would be whored out while male warriors were loaned for muscle. It was degrading. Just like now. Lina could not stand to look at the leering faces of the orcs as they took a good look at her through her red clothing, hoping to get an early glance at her busty tits. He could see their summoner at the caves entrance, laughing and shaking the hand of the lead orc as gold was exchanged. She wanted to spit in his face. No summoner had been more hated by his warriors/Ancients but loved so truly by the orcs. And now this. They hadn't been sold just for a day or two. Not even a week but 3 FUCKING YEARS. 3 years as a sex slave to orcs. And he had given them BREEDING RIGHTS. Did the bastard even know what a child of orc heritage that gained hers, Rylai's or any other female summoner powers or powerful genetics would do?? And giving such power to the orcs!!!! He left just as Rylai was taken off to another part of the cave that would be their home for 3 years by one of the orcs. At least there weren't many orcs. She couldn't survive a gangbang. Heavens! Why hadn't she, Rylai, Lanaya, Luna, Lyralei and Mirana just accepted their last summoner's offer to leave the battle with him when he led them to victory in the Major battle. He had defeated every other summoner's Ancients with the first all female ancients fighting group seen in the realm and been given riches and power beyond imagining. Few had ever reached the final battle, giving up ...