1. Cumslut BIM at ABS

    Date: 11/1/2017, Categories: Gay, Group Sex, Interracial Sex, Author: Cm4me2, Source: xHamster

    Had a day off, decided I was too horny for laundry. Drove to adult theater and bookstore. Went in about 1:30 pm. Took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to darkness. This was an old regular theater where they used to show those weird movies where people wore clothes. Fortunately it had porn as it's daily fare. I sat in the back row. One seat had been removed so it seemed a great place to suck cocks and eat cum. I was starting to enjoy the porn when a guy in a suit walked over. He pulled out his tool. He moved over by me and gently turned my head towards his dick. Then he slapped my face with his meat, mmmmm. I kissed his cock and the took the head into my mouth. Swirled my tongue under his glans. He shot a lot of cum into my mouth. I swallowed and said thank you Mister cock for the nice load. He turned to leave and I noticed a few guys crowded around. One said are you leaving or sucking. Naturally I said I was a cumslut and NEEDED more cream. Black guy stepped up and I heard someone say this ought to be huge. I learned then that not all black cocks are huge. He was about 6 and fat. He let's go, I have to leave. He pounded my face for a few minutes, the pushed his cock all the way in and came down my throat. I also learned I much more enjoy feeling the cream blast into my mouth. Next guy had on bright yellow shorts and his fly was open. His cock was short and average in girth. He lasted forever and shot soooo much cum I had to swallow twice. Plus a few more thick drops ... leaked out for me to clean up. Sucked a couple more guys . neither of them came, one said he had already cum . lull in activity.... Then as I was getting up to grab a coke, this guy walked up and asked if I liked to suck balls. That's where the cum is so I smiled and got on my knees. He started talking dirty. I loved it. His balls were hangers, not huge around but I could barely get them both into my mouth. He was slapping his dick on my face as I pulled and kissed and sucked his balls. He told he was going to have parties and I would be the entertainment. He had me lick off his precum. His balls hung so far I could get both hands , one below the other on them. He had me so excited l pulled out my cock just in time to squirt. He told me next time to catch it in my hand and lick up every drop. He had me open my mouth and had 2 guys watching as he squirted a big thick load into my mouth. Just as he came 2 blinding flashes let me know someone had taken photos of him shooting. He said his friend was Dan. I swallowed as my head was swimming. Dan pulled out his dong, it was about 8 in. And was NOT hard. Big balls, I just heard him say to slap my face with that thick meat. It was loud enough and hard enough to attract a few guys . I kissed his cockhead and started to kiss and lick under his cock to the base. It was getting a little longer and harder. I heard someone say to suck it deep. Good thought. I started to engulf his massive manhood. With about 2in. To go I grabbed his ass and ...