Date: 11/1/2017, Categories: Fiction, Bisexual, Coercion, Lesbian, Group Sexs, Author: blueheatt, Source: sexstories.com

    We are an average couple….except at night we become sex animals. Nina has a great body, long reddish brown hair and nice 34 C tits. My close buddies said she was hot looking. Me, Mark, I am tall, blondish and Nina’s close friends said I looked hot. We were both 22, and living together, we have no kids and plenty of time to have great sex. Slowly I noticed a trait of hers. If we were in the mall, sitting on a bench and people watching, she would comment on the women having nice hot looking hips, ass and tits. She was eyeballing all the women who walked by. I noted this and chimed in feeding her comments. I would say how I would like to see that girl naked. Nina would quietly gasp, and say how hot that would be. On TV she would do the same. She would comment on how a girl had hot legs, or nice tits or lusty eyes. I decided to see just how maybe bi curious she was. I felt she might be ‘bi desire’ instead of just ‘bi curious‘, which was fine with me. (I pictured 3 somes in the future.) I started off one night when we were laying in bed naked and I started telling a hot story. She loved these and the stories always got her hot, only this time I made it a bi story. I told a story of a maid, I called her Lacy, similar to Gracie. (* That was her girlfriends name who I felt she might have had a one time affair with, when they got drunk one night. She did tell me once that they ended up in bed together naked, but wouldn’t tell me any more.). I described the maid like her girlfriend ... looks, as I knew it was to her liking. The maid ask if she could give lady a massage due to a sore back the lady had. (Nina started to breathing heavy.) I went into detail about how the maid Lacy, ask the lady to go take all her clothes off and lay down on the bed, face down. Lacy watched her get undressed as the lady blushed a little. Lacy smiled real sexy at her. She started out massaging her back, then neck, then legs and then turned her over. (By now I heard Nina’s breathing increase, and she squirmed a few times.) As the maid massaged and got closer to her boobs, the lady didn’t move, and just let her do it. The maid started slowly brushing against her boobs. She slowly did her tummy and all around her pubic hair. The maid opened the lady’s legs wide and the lady just let her do it. The maid stopped. There was a pause. The lady opened her eyes and the maid was smiling at her. The maid leaned over and whispered:….(“…you look so content, did you want me to keep going and make you feel even better?”) The lady thought….. (‘….oh god, don’t stop now!…I’ve never been this wet and turned on since my girlfriend in school, keep going. I better let her know what I want right now.’) The lady slowly reached out with her trembling hand and took the maids hand and put it on her damp pubic hair. She whispered back: (“Lacy,…. (gasp) why don’t you get in bed with me, and we can both ‘feel’ real good?“). The lady thought…. (I cant believe the words that just came out of my mouth. I just got a ...