1. Doing some friends from work

    Date: 11/2/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Author: hodaddie, Source: xHamster

    I would never expected my day to turn out like this. While I was at work, me and another busser name Shawn was talking to a server named Jessie. She was cute, she has curves, C or D tits, blonde/brown hair. She is the type of girl likes to joke around and beat the shit out of you if you piss her off. While we were chatting with her, we kept talking about sex. She asked if we would fuck her, Shawn said no do to respect. I said fuck yeah. Some how we got on the subject of anal sex, she said she wouldn’t do it, I asked if she tried it, she said yes and it hurts. All this talk about sex made me horny, so I asked Jessie if she was doing anything after work, she told me just going home. I asked if I could come over. She told me Shawn already asked and she said yes, so I said, so I can’t come over then, gave her the sad puppy look. She broke down and said, yes you can come over. We got to her apartment, she lives with her younger s****r who also works with us. She wouldn’t be home for another two hours. Jessie said to us, Let me change into something comfortable. She went to her room and 5 minutes later, she came out in a short skirt and a blouse. We sat on the couch, we continue to talk about sex. 10 minutes into the chat, Jessie got up and told us to follow her. So we got up and followed her to her bedroom. She told me to close the door behind me. So after I went in, I shut the door. She laid down on her full size bed and spread her legs open to show that she had no panties on. ... She had a nice trimmed bush, her pussy looked amazing. My dick got hard as a rock. She told us we have little bit less than two hours before her s****r comes home. She started to finger her pussy, it was wet. She said, Come on boys, I want some cock and I want it now. We both dropped our pants and boxers. Shawn went first, he stuck his cock in and fucked her slow. She started to moan. I was waiting for my turn, I started to stroke my cock while I waited. Shawn fucked her for 5 minutes until I asked if I could have a turn. He pulls out and Jessie had a look on her like she didn’t want me to fuck her. I put my cock in and shove my cock in her repeatedly. She moaned with each thrust. About 3 minutes in, she asked if Shawn can fuck her some more. I said, I guess. I got off and let Shawn back on. She moaned loudly with him, I think she even didn’t want to fuck me. They fucked for 20 minutes until he came. He rolled off and lied there, while my cock was still hard and wanted some more pussy. She looked at her watch and said, Oh look what time it is, my s****r be home soon. She wanted us out, mostly me. Shawn got his clothes and they went to the door and they chatted, I stayed in the bedroom naked. Jessie comes back in her room and told me to get dressed and get out. I told her she invited us over and I only had 3 minutes of fun. She acted like she was going to give me more but she blames Shawn for fucking too long. She went over to her bed and bent over to pick something up. I came ...