1. Finding Love at the Dog & Pony Show

    Date: 11/2/2017, Categories: Science-Fiction, Bestiality, Body modification, Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Extreme, Fisting, Trans, Author: chironathome, Source: sexstories.com

    By border bar standards this place is a little cleaner than most, but the smell of alcohol, sweat and stimstix that hang in the air betray any pretence that the club is any less seedy than the lurid signs outside indicate. The promised "Best Sex Shows" in Kogalym did not come cheap, the bar prices are Ginza finest but the ambiance is distinctly Chiba gangland hideout. Ando nurses his warming bottle of Baltika and glances nervously around the small bar avoiding any direct eye contact before settling on the stage where some emaciated blonde with fake tits gyrates around a pole with little passion to her disinterested audience. Getting in had been a chore, the doorman had to have been two and a half metres tall and seemed openly hostile to letting any clientele into the bar. His cheap cyber-arm sputtering occasionally as he ran Ando through a weapons scanner before sneering and pushing him over to a small window to pay the entry fee. The bouncer was probably a veteran of the Sino-Russian conflict as were many of the current residents of The Golden Cage, an over pompous name for hell-hole Ando found himself in. Since the conflict anyone of Oriental extraction was viewed with suspicion, even those helping rebuild the shattered communications network. Few here, on the former front line, seemed to care that Japan had supported the Russian Federation after China's oil grab into Siberia. Ando's company would fire him on the spot coming to a place like this and being alone would have ... seemed suicidal to his fellow employees. But this was not a place you could really take along your work colleagues, especially when the hoarding outside was advertising the star attraction as "A truly UNIQUE Dog and Pony Show"; it would have made for some rather awkward water-cooler conversation the following day. Ando knew he was a pervert, not in any sort of dangerous way, just one driven by curiosity for the bizarre. His imagination fuelled since his early teens by Akihabara manga always sought out the strange and unusual. He felt it opened his eyes to a wider world, one of the reasons he would take on these harder assignments that many other salaryman would shy away from. It earned him a good wage, it would keep his family secure back home, when he eventually had one, and he would have a bright future in the company; but only if he made it out of this bar alive tonight. Ando knew the world would look at him as a freak for his curiosity, so it was better to keep his fantasy life and the real-world separate. However once he heard of this place and the unusual touring act, he knew he had to take some risks; better to have lived a short life hard doing what you dreamed, than to die old and unfulfilled. Life here was probably cheap, as only in a place like Kogalym could you find places like this. Only here was the law more concerned with weapons and drug trafficking to bother with some perverse acts in a well run club, especially when that club could double officer’s meagre ...