1. Lesbianism in Modern Literature -11

    Date: 11/2/2017, Categories: First Time, Lesbian Sex, Masturbation, Author: stif266, Source: xHamster

    While this was setting up, other groups of two to four women were looking on, in various stages of undress stroking themselves or their partners. In a large chair in the corner, Suzie was sitting with her legs spread out on the arms, looking over her domain. In front of her, a blond head with hair tied in a ponytail was noisily bobbing up and down and licking the hostess' crotch. Looking over the scene, Sam felt someone come up behind her and cup her breasts over her dress. She then felt lips nuzzling her ear and neck and heard Marie whisper, &#034What do you think? Enjoying the view?&#034 Once she got her wits about her, Sam ground her ass back into her friend and hummed her approval. Marie concentrated on teasing the nipples through the dress material and bra, while Sam just enjoyed the decadence of the situation. She then turned around into Marie's arms and started French kissing with her, running her hands up and down her friend's back and ass. It was only the second woman she had ever kissed. While she decided she liked the way Sally kissed better, Marie certainly knew how to kiss as well. A minute later, Sam felt another pair of hands on her ass and then felt another set of lips on her neck. &#034If you're going to make out with my girlfriend,&#034 she heard Deb whisper in her ear, &#034I think that we better take this party to a bedroom upstairs&#034. Sam just went with it. She was so turned on by the scene in the den, and by Marie and Deb's hands and lips that she was ... just aching to get involved somehow. Now she was going to see what making love with other women was like. Marie and Deborah pulled Sam upstairs and found an unoccupied bedroom and both women started slowly undressing Sam. Marie pulled down the zipper to Sam's dress exposing a white lace bra and thong panties. &#034Oh nice!&#034 exclaimed Deb, as she ran her hands over Sam's bare ass. She then got down on her knees and kissed and licked her ass as she was pulling the thong down. Deb's hand then went up to Sam's crotch and started teasing the labia and anus. Sam was going mad with desire. Never had she even considered having two women making love to her at the same time. It was almost overwhelming her sexual senses. When Sam had only her bra left on, she began to remove Marie's dress. She began fondling Marie's breasts. Marie's breasts were small but fit nicely into her hands. She found out that they were very sensitive when she began to tweak the very hard nipples. Marie sighed and pulled Sam face to her chest where lips joined fingers to tease and stimulate. Deborah got off her knees and undid Sam's bra, releasing her breasts. She then reached around and began cupping them and gently pinching the nipples. Sam was in heaven and said so. &#034If you think that this is hot,&#034 murmured Marie, &#034wait until we get you on the bed.&#034 With that, she pulled away from Sam's lips and dragged her to the bed. As Deb was undressing herself, Marie lay Sam down, knelt beside her and ...