1. Daughter's invitition to a f****y affair Pt 2

    Date: 11/2/2017, Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Taboo, Author: doomhound, Source: xHamster

    Julia popped open the cap of the body cream she wanted to use. The sweet-smelling cream overwhelmed the room as she took a big handful from the jar. It glistened on her hand as she rubbed them together before gently rubbing sticky and greasy mass into her stomach and lower chest. She was standing in Mike’s room – it was a mess of clothes, plates and glasses but then it was typical for a young man to have a messy room. Julia scoped more body cream from the jar and oozed between her fingers as she covered her generously sized boobs that swayed a little without a bra. Standing topless in nothing but some skimpy panties, she waited for Mike to return to the room. Milly was in the bath, relaxing after a long day. Mike’ mother was very much a voluptuous women and big thighs, wide hips and ass and impressively sized boobs. She wasn’t heavy but did like a little of a tummy to form around her navel. The body cream highlighted her best features in the sunshine that peaked through the blinds. Mike himself was very a healthy and well defined young man and who took care of his body. He, along with Milly needed to take growth hormones at a young age but they had certainly paid off. He kept using them as his mother insisted she liked his physical appearance. The Gym PT was turning him into a power house of a man with well-defined muscles and little body fat. Mike returned from the bathroom with an erection and smirked at his mother “I suppose you want to fuck again, Mom?” Julia finished ... rubbing the lotion into her ass cheeks and giggled to herself and retorted back “I just want your cuuuuum – easy really…I fuck your brains and drain your balls as my pussy slurps up all that lovely warm sperm into mommy” Mike heart skipped a beat. He always felt that spike of energy when his mother talked dirty. Mike then walked behind his mom and said “You want me to fuck your ass?” Julia blurted out in surprise “Well…yeah but I was thinking that we do some prostate play and maybe if your feeling up for it…perhaps mommy can peg you with a strap on?” Pretty much every possible boundary had been broken between them so the idea of Julia playing with her son’s ass wasn’t too odd considering. Mike knew he would like it and the prostate play added some serious power play to their arrangement. He could rail his mom like a piece of meat and she could torture him with prolonged internal orgasms. The conservation changed direction covering yesterday’s little interruption from Milly. Mike wasn’t all that bothered by her walking in and only literally before the current talk he was in the bathroom. As Milly soaked in the bath he worked up an erection for his mom. Mike curiously asked Julia “Mom..you know I would go gentle on her to start with..but do you want to fuck the shit out of her first or..urm me?” His mom with wide eyes, stared into her son’s face with a perverted grim and her panties started to get wet. She replied “I’m not sure I think she’s horny enough and wild enough to party ...