1. My First Candy Cane

    Date: 11/2/2017, Categories: Anal, First Time, Gay, Author: naughty_bi_interest, Source: xHamster

    College life was pretty crazy. Between classes, basketball (I was on a basketball scholarship) and chicks I was swamped. The hardest part was balancing the three. Because I an academically strong, I took a heavy class load (I was not on the road to the NBA...I was just using basketball to get my education for free), I was starting on the basketball team as a freshman (a rarity) and I had a few co-ed's who were usually more than eager to suck or fuck me. I am not being arrogant, but I am decent looking, a good guy, funny, easy going and decently equipped. I had never considered having sex with a guy, even after years of hanging with naked guys in the shower, until one fateful weekend during first term finals. The week was intense with finals and practice and it had been almost two weeks since either Matt, my roommate, or I had got our canes polished. It was Friday night, the day after the last first term finals when everything changed. My roommate Matt and I decided to celebrate the end of mid-terms with a night at the pub for food, beer, and chicks, the night before we were both heading home for the holidays. By the end of the night, we had agreed that two out of three wasn't bad. Neither of us had been able to score with the ladies so we called it a night and returned to our dorm room d***k and horny. Matt complained, &#034Shit, I can't believe I struck out with that redhead, I was so sure I was going to get in her pants.&#034 &#034Well, you had a pretty creative pick-up ... line,&#034 I quipped, laughing. &#034I know,&#034 Matt shrugged, &#034Hey baby, do you want a piece of my candy cane, was pretty witty I thought.&#034 &#034And festive,&#034 I added. &#034Exactly,&#034 Matt complained, grabbing a beer from the fridge. &#034How could I possible strike out with a line that good?&#034 &#034That's nothing,&#034 I sighed, &#034Cara with a C, as she stressed three times during our painful conversation about her f****y, squeezed my cock teasingly before telling me her boyfriend just walked in.&#034 &#034Ok, Ok your luck was worse than mine you win,&#034 Matt laughed, as he pulled out his rather impressive collection of porn. The munchies kicking in, I realized after looking into our empty fridge that all we had to eat was candy canes, I chuckled at the irony after the failed candy cane pick up line. I grabbed one and put the long end in my mouth as I walked back to the living room where a fake big breasted, fake blonde bounced on a big cock on the TV screen. Her just as fake moans echoed in surround sound as Matt already had his cock out. We often stroked to porn when we both struck out with the ladies, not in a gay way, but rather just a simple confidence in our sexuality kind of way. We both had similar six inch cocks and neither of us was shy or ashamed to masturbate, as long as porn was playing. It was weird the first time I walked in after a date and saw Matt stroking his cock to porn, but as time progressed, we started watching porn together ...