1. Her Mom and I help her LOSE her Virginity

    Date: 11/2/2017, Categories: Fetish, First Time, Taboo, Author: funnsun2, Source: xHamster

    I had a nice house but had a small fire one day that required me to get a rental home in a really shitty trailer park here in North Georgia. The place was ok but crowed with young single parent mom's and their equally slutty trailer trash daughters that would hang around all day with no job or anything else for that matter except a welfare check every month, which they used on beer and cigarettes, and their government paid trailer homes. One good thing about it was that since I worked from home on computers and did photography and video, I could watch them all through my window, running around wearing only tank tops, shorts and flip flops. They would hang out with each other in different areas or trailers and one afternoon, I was on my little front porch when a couple of the women noticed me and said hello. They were older than the little sluts running around everywhere but in their own way, were trailer trash cute, if you know what I mean. They both were smoking cigarettes and one had a beer in her hand. I did the neighborly thing and invited them to sit with me and have a beer if they liked. Both of them said sure and came up on the porch and had a seat in two cheap ass lawn chairs that came with the trailer. We talked a while and slugged a few beers. I noticed that one of them, even though she had on these really short cut-off jeans, had on no panties and I could see her pussy lips hanging out on either side of the crotch. I was already a little horny so I couldn't keep ... my eye's off of it and I glanced at that pink thing every now and then. The girl HAD to know she was exposed but didn't seem to care and I for one sure didn't mind either. The other girl was just as trashy but pretty but unfortunately, I couldn't see her pussy!...LOL! After a few minutes, I asked them about themselves and what they did for &#034fun&#034 around here. The girl with the shorts told me jokingly that most everybody here just gets d***k and fucks all the time. We all laughed about it but I was hoping that maybe, I had lucked out and found a place with LOTS of horny women who didn't work and had lots of time on their hands. We drank some more and one of them mentioned how hot it was so I invited them inside to cool off since I had air conditioning. They agreed and the one with the shorts said that she needed to tell her daughter where she was so she screamed out like a redneck would and her daughter came running up. Her girl was DAMN cute and fine as frogs hair too. She was a petite little thing with blonde hair, blue eyes and an ass to die for! Her momma told her she would be at my place and her girl blurted out &#034ok MOM, I guess you found somebody else to FUCK&#034...LOL I was a little shocked but smiled and momma told her not to be rude and that we were just friends. Her daughter ran off and we went inside. As we all sat there, the one woman that was sitting across from me with her legs apart again and HAD to know her pussy was exposed to me. I could hardly ...