1. My first time a blog/story

    Date: 11/3/2017, Categories: True Story, Author: Vincent1990, Source: sexstories.com

    So the name is Vincent. I am a white male and for a lot of my life I was not interested in men. But I guess over time I got drawn to them. So I decided to take a chance and have fun with a guy that I did not know. So my stats for you to know is at the time I was 20 and only weighed 130 lbs and stood at 5 foot 7 inches with a 6 inch cock. I had meet this girl on a website and to get into her pants I thought I would be nice to her gay friend and maybe I would have a chance. If only I had known I was wrong. So I started talking to the guy his name was Josh. He was around my age maybe younger or older than me but not by much. Yeah he was a bigger guy than me but oh well. So we started talking and we started talking about how i was bi-curious and how i had never been with a guy. Well it came up somehow on where we each lived. I found out he lived 30 min away. Well I had not had sex in a long time. So we talked for a week. During that week when we talked I grew horny and wanted to try things so badly. So the day before we meet I told him things I wanted to do. Also told him things I fantasized about. Like me wanting him to just sit there and for me to just fuck him and have his cock in my ass. Yes I was a virgin but my mind told me to type that to him. So the day came. I drove out to his place in my old beat up black dodge truck. I arrived and he was waiting on the front porch at his apartment building. He was wearing a hoodie and some pajama pants. He got in and we went to the ... store and while we drove there and back we talked a little. I could tell we where both nervous and both horny as well. Well we got back and I entered the building and his apartment. It was small with a kitchen to the left with some cabinets and a bathroom with a stand up shower in it that could fit two men in it. Also once you walked in front of you was a couch and small tv. Then to the left past the kitchen was a small bedroom with a mattress on the floor. We sat on the couch after i took my hoodie off and my shoes off and talked. while we talked i grew hard while thinking about how i wanted to taste his cock for the first time. well he looked at at one point and asked want to see a porno. I looked at him and told him yeah. Well he put the movie in and it started before i knew it we where near each other and before i knew it we where kissing a little. I grabbed his cock threw his pajama pants and stroked it. He grew really hard and he then grabbed mine through my jeans. Before I knew it he was sucking my cock. I stopped him and told him I want to taste his. So I removed his pants and out poped his 6 inch cock. I stroked it and soon put his cock in my mouth. I sucked it a little. He then stopped me after a min or two and said we should 69. I agreed and soon he was on top and we where both enjoying it the cock in each of our mouths. We then stopped and just sat there and talked while we waited to calm down a little. he then went into his bedroom and came out with two dildos. both ...