1. A Family Betrayal Chapter 38

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    Megan’s POV: Three days until Father’s day Savannah and I have been to our lawyers. Both of us are still upset with Nick. His attitude since the birth of our grandbabies was not tolerable. He picked a fight that really wasn’t needed. We both love him, but the way he has been carrying on was not our cup of tea. We love those that we took in as our grandkids very much, and the way he hurt them was again uncalled for. Savannah and I made our way to the garage to find him working on a trike. Probably another one for him to ride no doubt. Savannah has her determined look on while she carries the papers in her right hand. Nick sees us coming which makes him stand up coming to greet us with a smile. Savannah shoves the papers to his chest which makes him catch them with his right hand. “ What are these?” He asks all confused looking at us both “ Divorce papers darling.” Savannah answers as I see his eyes go wide “ What!?” He asks all surprised while quickly looking at the front page “ Divorce papers Nick as in we’re leaving you. You picking a fight with Heath, and hurting our grandbabies was over the line.” Savannah states with a bit of anger “ But I....” He tries to say getting cut off “ No Nick this isn’t the time to sugar coat things. We love you, but your pride went over board this time. The only way we will not divorce you is if you can get back in good standings with the family that WE love.” She says with a stern voice before continuing “ And what’s with the trike?” “ ... It’s...it’s for Heath. I figured since the kids liked to ride. I would fix him up his own ride.” Nick says shocking us both “ What your going to try and bribe Heath now?” I ask with a look of disgust “ No nothing like that. I am truly wanting him to have his own ride. A safe one for the kids.” He states shocking us both again “ Well it does look nice, but you have to make things right Nick. Caleb and Simon are going forward with the new charter by the way. They are just as upset as we are. The whole family is by how you couldn’t accept your mother’s happiness.” Savannah exclaims getting a slow nod “ I know and I feel disgusted with myself.” He says lowering his head looking at the papers in his hand Savannah and I look at our husband before leaving him to go start packing for our trip back to Virginia. Simone and Damon were excited about the trip. Damon for the chance to see the girls on the beach which I found to be cute. While Simone it was to see Heath again. Ever since that day Savannah and I taught her a few things she has been anxious to apply them to Heath. I told her not to just come on to him since Savannah and I had a better idea leaving her to wonder. Lisa told Savannah and I that Vanessa our niece was excited about the trip and relocating. She also had the hots for a man up there, but wouldn’t say who. We all started to guess as to whom the man could be since there was a few cuties that we knew of. Once Savannah and I got in our bedroom we looked around before going to ...