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    Date: 11/3/2017, Categories: Mature, Author: Pussy_Lick, Source: xHamster

    The affair with Mrs. Sims My wife and I separated and divorced when I turned 30. We didn't have any k**s yet, so I felt quite free. It was a big weight off of my chest! After the divorce was final, I decided to change jobs (And basically careers) and go from being a Network Administrator, to opening up my own PC Repair shop. I had some money saved up, and it didn't cost too much to get started. I had a bunch of used PC's, monitors, parts, and so on, and kept a nice selection on new processors, fans, chassis, and so on. I was almost starting to make money after about a year, and I got lucky. I started a contract with a company to build them about 100 computers per year. After that, I started bidding on some county and state projects, and next thing I know, I was working and making money! This story is about how I grew and needed to hire an employee. Mrs. Sims ended up being that employee. Once per week on Monday nights I donated my time to a large church by my house. I took a bunch of old laptops in and set them up, and had senior citizens and other older (some were as young as in their 50's) folks from the church come to learn how to use a PC. It started off with only about 3 people showing up the first two weeks, but word got around, and it was up to 8 people after a couple of months. It was mostly men wanting to learn to use the internet, but the women wanted to learn to use Excel and Word, as they were good at typing, and wanted more skills. One of the ladies, Carol Sims, ... was attending to learn how to get some skills so she could get a job. Mr. Sims never had to work, her husband did well in insurance, but he was no longer able to work due to bad diabetes and he needed to stay home. They weren't financially able to just retire, so she had to go to work. Mrs. Sims is actually kind of pretty for an older woman (I will give her age later). She always dresses nicely (You could tell they had been living comfortably) but she is shy, and not real talkative like the older men in the class. The men are all mouthy and opinionated, and talk all the time. Mrs. Sims had colored hair. Kind of brown, red tint. She seemed to be in good shape, kind of skinny. I never really noticed her breast size or rear end size (Until later). She didn't seem to wear much make up that I could tell. She did have pretty blue eyes. I really enjoyed giving back to the senior citizens who came to learn about computers. I figured it would eventually come back to me somehow. But it seemed to be the same thing. The men only wanted to know how to get around the internet, and the women wanted to learn applications. I added more and more software to these laptops, and after a few months (When I was getting busier at my work) decided I was going to need a part time helper at my store. To give you an idea, I had a storefront in an older building in our town, actually close to the church. I live in a fairly large community. The storefront is about 1500 square feet, which I have the front ...