1. Holiday surprise 1

    Date: 11/3/2017, Categories: Mature, Voyeur, Author: semajsky, Source: xHamster

    This story goes back to before our wedding. We had been saving for the wedding and fixing up our house. So we were broke. My girlfriend now wife must have said something to her parents because she came home from work, to tell me she had an idea for a holiday and that I needed to check if I could get a week off work. It was only when I had sorted my holidays that she told me that we would be going on holiday with her parents. The thought of a week with the future in laws filled me with dread, but the arrangements had been made and I was stuck. So off to Spain we went, the flight got in late at night and we basically checked in and went straight to bed. Next day we woke late and after breakfast went for a look around. The hotel was lovely and had a large pool and plenty of chairs and rest areas. As it was outside school holidays it was mainly couples just relaxing. We decided on a day by the pool and armed with drinks and books settled down for an afternoon working on the tan. The majority of women were topless and my future father in law (Trevor) and I had a great time watching the ladies go by. There were a few comments from our ladies but we just smiled and continued to sit and take in the view. Next day at breakfast, we chatted about plans for the day and when Trevor said lets jut stay at the hotel pool, I quickly agreed. We went back to our rooms to change and agreed to meet 30 minutes later. My girlfriend Tracey mentoned that her mum had noticed her dad looking at the ... ladies and wasnt happy. I told Tracey her mum should be happy that Trevor was still able to apprecate the good things in life. Tracey changed into her swimsuit - a one piece - and we headed down to the pool. Trevor had found us seats close by the pool and bar area and was already settled in for the day. My mum in law Gail, was coming back from the bar with drinks for everyone. The day was following the pattern of the previous day, when after an hour Gail said &#034You boys!&#034 and asked Tracey to come with her for a walk. We just shrugged our shoulders and sat back in our chairs. Soon after the girls came back. I first of all noticed my wife had changed into a bikini. Tracey is 5.10 and has legs to die for and at that time had a fit athletic body with pert breasts. My cock as getting hard as she walked towards us. Behind her, Gail had a loose blouse on and as she sat down she took it off to reveal a nice bikini. Gail was 52 at that stage with a pear shaped body. My eyes were automatically drawn to her large b**sts. I didnt realise how much I was staring until Tracey whispered in my ear, &#034impressive aren't they&#034 Better was to come, when she slipped off her top to unleash her big tits. Up she got and walked off to the bar. Tracey siad she better go help and took off her top and walked after her. My cock was aching at the sight of mother and daughter with their tits out. That night I fucked Tracey like a sex starved teenager, until I my cock and balls were drained of ...