1. Dark Horse Farms Revisited

    Date: 11/3/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bestiality, Extreme, Humiliation, Rape, Author: beautysnuffed, Source: sexstories.com

    As you walk through the stables at Dark Horse Farms looking at the different merchandise for rent or sale you may or may not wonder who we once were. If you pause to look into the stall where I am kept, chained to the wall, you would see a curvy redhead with large blue eyes, round high breasts, slender waist and long legs, a toy to be rented for your amusement. However once I was a typical collage student, eager to be out on my own and to prove that I was independent, smart and sophisticated. I even had a name then, Kathryn. In truth I could be your daughter, only your daughter is well guarded and cared for at a private school as you are aware of the dangers and I was attending a public school and completely unaware of what lurked in the shadows. If you had paused long enough to ask how I had become the property of Dark Horse Farms I would have told you that I don’t really quite recall. I do remember being out at the bar with friends, dancing, flirting with a group of men slightly older than ourselves, risky perhaps, but they had money, appeared harmless and were willing to buy the drinks and what poor collage student turns down a free drink. Besides we were smart independent women who could take care of ourselves, well at least that’s what we thought…….as You walk by I think back on the last month, from when I was first brought to Dark Horse Farms, how I broken and trained and finally auctioned off for the first time. Slowly I come back to consciousness, laying there I can ... feel the itchy straw beneath me and my first thought is why I am laying on the straw naked. Feeling fuzzy, unfocused I try to remember what happened to me, as I slowly open my eyes, looking around I realize that I’m in a stall, a horse stall actually, laying on a pile of straw completely naked, shivering in the slightly cool air, I guess its either early morning or evening by the light coming into the barred window. Slowly I push myself up and look around only to realize that a thick black leather collar is fastened snugly around my neck, reaching up I try to slide my fingers under it, but am unable to. I run my fingers around the collar to find a large ring embedded in the front, on both sides and in the back, I shudder as I touch ring in the back and realize it’s padlocked to a length of chain, turning, I see that the chain is attached to another ring in the wall. Slowly I brush the straw out my hair and listen to the noises around me and I realize that I am not alone, as the sounds of crying, whimpering and moaning reach my ears. “Hello, Hello” I call out “ Help, please help, I’m chained up this stall” For a moment its quiet and then a soft female voice responses “be quiet, your going to get in trouble” “Please, please help me” I call out “ I just want to get out of here, please “ Again its quiet for a few moments and another voice female voice, a little louder responses “shut up, your going to get us all in trouble, there is no help here” Becoming angry at what seem to me ...