1. Becky's Marine chapter 9

    Date: 11/3/2017, Categories: Fiction, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Romance, Group Sex, Author: Betrayer_of_Skalathrax, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter 9 We arrived back at the house around 2:30 AM, some more drunk than others. Carl was the first to get to the door, practically falling on it as he fumbled for his keys. We all laughed at the events unfolding before us and I couldn't help but shake my head. Having known Carl for so long meant that I had a good idea of what was to come, being as drunk as he seemed. If she took him straight to bed, he would pass out before anything could happen or get sick and then pass out before finishing anything. I felt a bit bad for her, that is, until I caught Becky staring at her ass. I knew what was coming so I figured I'd try and help my friend out. "Hold your horses there Carl. I need your help with something before you go running off." I said before he got to his door. "Damnit man, I'm kinda busy here." His frustration was obvious. "This'll only take a minute. Becky, could you get her some sleepwear? She seems to be about your size." She had an idea of what I was up to and went along with it. I took Carl to the garage and gave him some food and water to help counteract the alcohol. "Here, drink this and eat this." I said handing him a water bottle and a granola bar. "What's this for?" He slurred. "So you have a fun night that you probably won't remember." "And if I don't?" He gave me a hateful look, as if I told him I killed his dog. "Then you'll probably pass out before you get any. That or you'll get sick and pass out." I said slowly, making sure he understood. "OK, but I ... hate you right now." He said reluctantly taking the items I offered. "That's fine. You might thank me later." I said. I thought I heard a noise coming from the house so I went and cracked the door. I could hear music coming from the house, and the fact that I can hear it means the girls where having fun. When Carl finished his water and food I grabbed him another bottle of water and we went back inside. The girls had moved the couch and were dancing around the living room. Carl went to sit on the couch and I went to the kitchen. "Anyone want anything?" I asked, barely heard over the music. I saw the girls talking but I couldn't hear them over the music. Then Becky came over and put her arms around me. "We want Jack and Cokes. Carl doesn't look too good does he?" She nodded towards Carl. He looked ready to pass out, half slumped over the arm of the chair. "I don't think he'll make it back to his room without help, let alone give her anything worth writing home about." I said with a bit of disappointment in my voice. I tried to help, but I don't think it worked. "Sucks for her. What do you wanna do about it?" It was a strange question. Usually when he was like this, I would let her help him to bed and check to see if she was still here a few hours later. "I hadn't planned on doing anything unless she took off before he got to bed. Then I'd put him in bed and check on him later. Did you have something devious planned?" I asked with a smirk. "Maybe, but how did you know?" "You're ...