1. The Housewives Of Coxville County part 4

    Date: 11/3/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Author: Milffann, Source: xHamster

    Chapter 3: Heavy Tutelage: Bianca's Story (Several weeks before the fated Coxville book club meeting...) &#034So, who wants to tell me what Carl Denham means when he says &#034t'was beauty that killed the b**st?&#034 Bianca Blackwood stood before her audience and calmly scanned the expanse of the room. For all their youth and vitality, the stillness and quiet that came from the students held all the life and vigor of a grave yard. &#034Anyone?&#034 she asked patiently, tilting her horn rimmed glasses up slightly to get a clearer glimpse of her student's young faces. Not a peep from the crowd, just a slew of blank clueless stares and wholly disinterested sneers. It simply amazed Blackwood how selective teenager's priorities were. Ask a relatively simple question about the meaning and significance of a line from a classic film - one they had just finished watching no less - and you received a hail of deer in headlights looks at best, and a topside view of neglectful heads at worst. Ask them about what happened on the latest episode of &#034I'm a Teenage Mother-to-be&#034 or the final score of the previous week's football game however, and you couldn't get them to pipe down without an air horn and a stick of dynamite in hand. Youth indeed goes wasted on the young, thought Bianca. It didn't dishearten as much as annoy her these days. Bianca Blackwood - age twenty-eight -- had been teaching for a fair number of years now, and the steady lack of enthusiasm from her students ... towards any subject matter that couldn't be summed up or abbreviated in monosyllabic forms or via tweet had already executed its due process of taking the wind from her sails. These days her disappointment was overtaken by vexation towards her pupil's less than stellar performances and almost nonexistent enthusiasm. &#034Um...&#034 came a meek voice from the stilled crowd near the front of the class. Bianca's stark blue eyes settled on the voice's source as a slim white arm lifted calmly upward. Of course, thought Bianca, because no one else seems capable of basic analysis aside from the AP student. &#034Ah, Ms. Rosenwood&#034 said Bianca with a warm smile. It didn't surprise Bianca that Daphne Rosenwood - age eighteen -- was the only student to raise her hand. She was Bianca's star pupil after all, and she did appear to be the only one ever genuinely interested during their class sessions. Daphne was a...modest girl, if not wholly conservative. She had full chestnut colored hair, which she kept in a neat ponytail that trailed down to the lower part of her shoulders, striking hazel eyes, smooth white skin, high cheek bones, a button nose and rather full pinkish lips. A very pretty girl, who resembled an eighteen year old Sarah Palin clone to Bianca. Daphne was just very...traditional in her manner of dress, which - coming from Bianca Blackwood - was a statement. Daphne's light blue and gray blouse, skirt and blazer reminded Bianca more of her parent's generation rather than that of ...