1. Rough Justice

    Date: 11/3/2017, Categories: Spanking, Author: SusanHarper, Source: LushStories

    This is a story set in the future, where local Officials determine the guilty party when the law is broken. There is then no need to go to Court which reduces costs, but gives great power to local unelected Officials even though they might not be the best to wield such power. This is one story of rough justice. Becky stood at the front of the stage at the local theatre and looked as the audience gave a standing ovation. Becky was eighteen-years-old, and had been the understudy for Emma. However, on the morning of the show Emma’s Mum had given the seventeen-year-old a long and hard spanking and as the costume was a very short skirt the Director decided she could not be risked as the backs of her legs were very red indeed. After the show Becky took her Mum to one side and whispered in her ear, “That was great Mum, thanks for sorting it out.” Becky’s Mum whispered back, “No problem Becky. Anyway it was rather satisfying bringing the brat down to size.” It happened three hours earlier. Becky was due to take on a minor role in the play. Her Mum, thirty-nine-year-old Sharon, had gone round to Emma’s house, knocked on the door, and Emma answered. “Is your Mum home young lady?” Sharon asked. Minutes later Sharon had explained to Emma’s Mum, thirty-eight-year-old Tania, that she had seen Emma that morning behind the cycle shed making out with Tommy, the local no good. There had been rumours about it but this was the first time Emma had been spotted. Emma denied it. She said fervently ... that she hadn’t seen Tommy and had been nowhere near the cycle shed. “Where were you this morning then Emma?” her Mum asked. Emma stumbled over the answer. She hadn’t been with Tommy, but she had been with Sarah, her seventeen year old school friend, and they had made out including some very heavy petting. She couldn’t tell her Mum that though could she? A lesbian affair was almost as bad as an affair with Tony in her Mum’s eyes at least. Tania wouldn’t normally have believed Sharon, who was known to be a bit of a gossip, but as Emma couldn’t, or wouldn’t, tell her Mum where she had been the assumption was made; two and two made five, and Tania was annoyed. “I am so cross with you Emma, I think you should be grounded.” Sharon knew grounding wasn’t sufficient. She said, “If that were my daughter I would give her a jolly good spanking.” Tania looked surprised, but then admitted, “I’ve never spanked Emma. Although I do agree it might be warranted on this occasion.” Emma squealed, “Please Mum, no.” Sharon said quickly, “I spank my daughter. I can give Emma a spanking she won’t forget if you would prefer.” Tania thought a moment, and then said firmly, “Yes please. Would you?” Sharon didn’t wait and grabbed Emma by the arm and led her to the upright chair on the far side of the room. “Mum, don’t let her; the play is today. Please Mum,” the seventeen-year-old pleaded but to no avail. She always crowed over her friends several of whom were still spanked at home. She acknowledged they ...