1. My first time with a girl (Real)

    Date: 11/3/2017, Categories: True Story, Author: B0redMilf, Source: sexstories.com

    the girl with me in 2 pictures in my album (look in the end of story) (who was one of my bride's maids a few years ago, and whose husband is best friends with my husband from college) and me had our first lesbian experience together about a month ago at a wedding after-party. i've always been a little bi-curious but i'd never even kissed a girl. earlier that night she kinda jokingly told me about how she wanted to have a threesome with me and her husband. i laughed it off because we were drinking and having fun. both of them say silly shit all the time and she is really sexual and talks about sex a lot, so i didn't think anything of it. but then we both ended up getting very, very drunk by like midnight at the bar we were all at after the wedding, and at some point we went to the one girls' bathroom in the bar and peed and started girl-talking. after i peed i went to check my hair in the mirror and she came up behind me and hugged me around the stomach and rubbed her hands around. she looked me in the eyes in the mirror and said "oh yeah" with a really playful and joking look, then turned and started like, fake-kissing my neck as a joke. i laughed and was like "oh yeah baby" and did a playfully sexy face back. but then she kind of bit my neck and started really kissing it. this kind of caught me off guard but i liked it, and she was still was joking and being stupid. but then she quickly turned me around and came straight for my mouth, and we started making out. i had always ... wanted to try this, though not really with a close friend, but i was enjoying it so i went with it, and we were both falling around the bathroom drunk and laughing. but then things got hot and passionate really fast. it escalated to a lot of over the clothes petting and we stopped being so goofy. before i knew it she was unzipping my dress from the back, pulling the top down and unsnapping my bra. she then started kissing, licking, and sucking on my nipples while she reached up my dress and started to rub on my clit through my pantyhose and panties. we were still kind of falling around the room all over each other. eventually she started squeezing on my boobs and sucking them really hard and it turned me on a WHOLE lot. i kind of laughed because it got so extreme so fast, and she asked if i liked it. i didn't say anything but pulled her back up to kiss some more, and she kept playing with my boobs. when i had thought about trying stuff with a girl in the past this is basically as far as i'd ever thought i'd go. i never thought too far into it. but i wasn't thinking at all like that now. i wanted to go crazy, and so did she apparently. she was wearing a really short dress, and after a bit she pulled it up and took me by the back of my hair and kinda gently guided me down to my knees and towards her pussy. she pulled over her panties and drew me right onto her. it was a rush i haven't felt since my very first time giving and getting oral in high school. at first i was kind of ...