1. Watching Ana enjoying anal sex

    Date: 11/3/2017, Categories: Anal, Interracial Sex, Mature, Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster

    Watching Ana enjoying anal sex That night after dinner I had a wild sex encounter with my sweet Ana. After fucking during hours, she told me that she had a date for next night. I was surprised and asked who would be the lucky guy. My wife smiled and said it would be Jeremy, a black guy from her office, who I had never met. I asked Ana why that guy was the lucky one and she laughed, telling me she wanted to be fucked in the ass by a giant black dick… and Jeremy had one…and he was willing to sodomize her… She was wet just thinking about that big black cock stretching her butthole. The next evening I was relaxing at the back yard, when Ana came to show me her outfit. She was wearing a very short red mini skirt and a see through white blouse. The hem of the mini was not quite covering her garter straps holding up sheer black stockings. Her shoes were tall black stiletto heels. Ana said the stiletto would make her tall enough so Jeremy could fuck her ass in a standing position… I asked if I could watch them; Ana replied it was fine for her, but Jeremy would like to be alone for sure. She sat in a sofa facing me and crossed her perfect legs. I could see her nipples were hard with anticipation of her date. When the doorbell rang I went to open the front door. I let Jeremy in. He introduced himself and shook my hand as he smiled. Jeremy looked shocked at my bluntness, when I said he was here to fuck my wife’s ass… When he saw Ana there he had a giant smile on his face. He stepped ... out to greet her. I left them there and grabbed a beer in the kitchen. From there I saw Jeremy standing up and unbuckling his belt. I moved to a better view spot and saw his hard black cock hanging out from his body… My sweet Ana took that piece of dark meat in her mouth and started sucking him. She was squatted in front of her with her legs spread wide. Her skirt was bunched up and her left hand was busy working on her clit. After some minutes sucking, Jeremy helped her stand and he kissed her. Ana then turned around and spread her legs. Then she guided that black dick between her thighs. I saw the black head of his cock actually sticking out from between her butt cheeks. She had a death grip on his cock with her legs causing her to reach an orgasm just from him rubbing his cock between her pussy lips from behind. After her orgasm she was extremely wet so Jeremy pushed her on her shoulders and made her bend over the sofa. He held still as she wiggled her ass and moved closer to him making him go deeper into her. He took her hips in his hands and worked his now glossy black cock in and out of my wife's married pussy. After about ten minutes Jeremy pulled out and placed the head of his cock to Anita’s butthole. He pushed and the head popped in. He again allowed my wife to work her way back to him until his balls were resting against her wet pussy lips. He held her hips as she slowly stood up right. When she was standing straight up her took her nipples between his fingers and ...