1. The Night I Lost My Anal Virginity

    Date: 11/3/2017, Categories: Anal, First Time, Trans, Author: revmyengine, Source: xHamster

    You may remember J from when I discovered I was the girl next door. The tall and handsome guy living next door to my apartment. Well, after Halloween night, and getting a taste for his perfect cock, I couldn't help but want more. After Halloween I didn't see him much - I guess he was busy with school and work. I would go about my day trying to focus on things around the apartment, but every so often I'd have a moment where I would stop what I was doing and think about how horny I was from the whole experience. I decided I was going to get more of J, and that I needed to make it happen. So I wrote down only my phone number on a small piece of paper and slipped in under the edge of his doormat and waited in excitement. It didn't take long. After a few hours, around 9 PM that night, I got a text message from J asking, &#034Hey who is this?&#034 &#034You know who ;)&#034, I responded. &#034I'm not sure, tell me&#034, he said. I decided to cut the banter and get straight to the point. &#034Your girl next door. I want more of that hard cock.&#034 &#034My roommates are leaving in 30 minutes to go out. Come over at 10&#034, he responded. My heart immediately began to beat harder again. He seemed to have that effect on me and I loved it. The next thing I knew I was scrambling around to get ready. Put on my stockings, my miniskirt, bra, and shirt, but left off my panties because I wanted him to have easy access to my ass and cock (if he wanted it). I also didn't have time to paint ... my nails, but I was sure he wouldn't care about that. At 10 o'clock I put on some fresh red lipstick and walked out my apartment to his front door. I didn't even get a chance to knock - he already had the door cracked. So I opened the door and stepped inside. There was some quiet music playing from one of the back rooms past his kitchen, so I began to walk though his apartment to investigate. The music grew louder as I approached a room with dim lighting, and as I entered I found J. There he was laying on his bed looking sexier than ever. He was wearing only boxers and a t-shirt, and had what looked like at least eight or nine candles lit on both end tables by his bed. I stepped up to the foot of his bed and put my knees on it to begin crawling up between his legs, but he sat up and then propped himself up on his knees meeting me in the middle. He had one hand on the small of my back and put the other on the back of my head and began kissing me. His lips felt so soft, so plump and smooth. I couldn't get enough of them. The more we kissed the more passionate it became. Him running his fingers through my hair while using his other hand to caress my ass. I could feel him moving his hand around to play with my panties and then he realized I hadn't put any on. I began to slide my hand down his chest and under his boxers so I could grab ahold of the cock I could feel between my legs, but he stopped me. He used his muscular arms to flip us around and lay me down so that I was lying ...