1. Date Night Delays

    Date: 11/4/2017, Categories: First Time, Interracial Sex, Author: Hot-Horny-Wife, Source: xHamster

    Date Night Delays ..... We had planned to meet in a bar after work. I get there early and find a quite part with a table and sit down to wait for my husband to arrive it's Friday night and our long over due date night. I am wearing a low cut top, short skirt, stockings and heeled boots as I sit and get comfy I notice that my skirt has risen up my legs and the top of my stockings are showing ,I catch the bartenders eye and he comes over i order a JD and Coke which the bartender brings back over to me smiling as he places it in front of me getting a good look at my ample breasts down my low cut top as he leaves he winks and says that he hopes i have a good evening it's quite at the moment but it will soon be busy , he turns and walks back to the bar leaving me sat at my table were I sit watching people come and go while sipping my drink , after a hour of waiting and another JD & Coke my phone vibrates to inform me of a message i pick it up and read the text its from my husband saying &#034I'm running late as problems on the trains &#034, my face drops and i pick up my drink and down what's left . I then gather my bits walk to the bar and ask the bartender to watch them for me as I'm heading to the toilet before I leave for home to wait for him to return another date night messed up by problems with the trains , when I return to the bar to pick up my coat the bartender brings me another drink , i ask why and he says its from the gentleman at the end of the bar i look in the ... direction suggested by the bartender to see a well built black man sat at the bar he nods and smiles i smile back I think what the hell he could be delayed for hours and sit to enjoy my drink . He comes over and and I asks if he can join me at my table He sits down next to me and we start to chat. I explain that I was waiting for my husband but that he had texted and was now not coming as the trains are delayed. As we chat he keeps looking down towards my breasts, as the top is low cut he can get a good look. I can see in his eyes that he would like to squeeze them. He gets up and heads to the bar and returns with another drink this time sitting closer to me I don't mind as the drink has started to loosen me up a bit. As we chat his hand rests on my thigh and slowly rubs up and down this is making me feel really horny and I can feel myself getting wet , as we continue to talk my phone vibrates on the table distracting me from what's happening picking it up I read the message &#034trains are really screwed don't wait up for me&#034. So feeling disappointed I put my phone away he asks if everything is ok and I say I might just call it a night and head home I get up to leave and he stands with me , says why go home to an empty house just yet. As he says this he runs his hand around my waist turns me towards him and pulls me close to his body trapping my hand between our bodies i look up at him and let out a little gasp as i feel the size of the huge lump in his trousers , he leans ...