1. Power Chapter 33: We're in Business

    Date: 11/4/2017, Categories: Bisexual, Author: marktreble, Source: LushStories

    A week after his return Drew was allowed out of the hospital for an afternoon. Janice brought him to the first floor lounge in our dorm, where many of us had gathered. Charlene greeted them for the group and said “Seth and Nate’s room is yours to use uninterrupted today until you leave. Nate insisted and Seth doesn’t get a vote.” Most of us treated him like a delicate flower, afraid even to shake his hand. Mike went to Drew and punched him hard on the shoulder, then tackled him, wrestling him to the floor. Regina was yelling at him that Drew had just had surgery. “Regina, if Drew and Janice aren’t fucking each other’s brains out in the next 30 minutes I’ll die from shock. Let’s find out now if he’s going to survive the experience.” Mike turned to Jay and pointed at Drew’s crotch. “Kick him in the nuts.” Jay started to move forward when Mike tripped him. “I’m joking, dick head. Seth stocked the room with almonds, bananas, figs, chocolate and honey. He’s the biology major and studied which foods help both men and women achieve orgasms. Regina put bottles of champagne, tequila and beer in the room. She’s the horny drunkenness and drunken horniness double major and knows forward and backwards which kinds of booze will get you hot. “We’ve all seen you two. Now, go to Seth and Nate’s room, get naked, and fuck. In whatever order you deem appropriate.” They went to the room and came out two hours later. They were both naked and laughing hysterically. Drew embraced me and kissed me ... on the cheek. Then he punched me in the nose. “The hug and kiss are because you probably saved my life. The punch in the nose is because you should have stopped me sooner.” Drew let me know he had been kidding about stopping him sooner. I kissed Drew on the cheek and hugged him as well. Then I grabbed his balls and squeezed pretty hard. “The hug and kiss are because we’re all really glad you’re here. The sore testicles are to remind you that we have a business to run, and I expect you to start busting your balls as soon as you’re medically cleared.” Sylvia suggested that the couple tell Drew’s doctor in great detail exactly what they had done sexually that day, then ask when Janice can start spending the night in Drew’s room. “Got it,” said Janice. “Blow by blow description of the sex followed by blow by blow by blow by blow by blow session every night.” Actually, nobody laughed because it sounded about right to us. They got dressed, sort of, and took a taxi back to the hospital. Drew’s visits became more frequent and longer over the next week, until he was officially discharged. When Janice and Drew moved into the cottage they announced that every part of the building except their bedroom could and should be used for our business. He wanted business cards made up, with a business name incorporating my name, his name, the words “business” and “university.” Charlene asked her roommate to make up something in the graphics lab. Oops. She tried using all the words but that didn’t ...