1. The First Time I Cheated - Part 2

    Date: 11/4/2017, Categories: Cheating, Author: DiamondPrincess, Source: LushStories

    I remember the next day vividly. I woke up naked in bed to two missed calls and several texts from my boyfriend. He wanted to get together and see a movie. I instantly felt guilty about what I had shared with Damon the night before on the phone. There were two more texts from Damon on the phone as well. I ignored them and took a shower and got dressed. After the shower I called Ryan and told him I'd slept in because I was tired and that I'd love to go see a movie. He asked if anything exciting had happened the night before and I told the first lie to him about the budding relationship between me and Damon when I answered simply "No" to his question. I figured at worst I could just move on from what happened and ignore Damon. I mean would the guy really keep pursuing me ? I went to the movie with Ryan and the sight of him intensified my guilt for what I had done. I struggled with the decision to tell him for quite awhile during the first part of the movie. During the movie Ryan as he usually does, started attempting to make out with me. In the past I'd shied away from doing things in public places, however I let him this time because I didn't want to give him the impression that something had happened the night before. Eventually, the fooling around led to me going down on him. I don't want this to sound sexy because to me at the time it wasn't. I'm sure at the time he saw this as an advancement in our relationship. To me it was driven by guilt. I was trying to make up for ... what I had done the night before without having to tell him what I had done. After the deed was done in the movie theater, Ryan was excited and happy. I told him we shouldn't talk about it and he took it as me being shy as usual. At this point I realized I had gotten away with what I had done the night before and unless I said anything no one would ever find out. I still at this point, didn't know if Damon was going to keep communicating with me, but there was the excitement of talking to him again still there in the back of my mind. What would it be like to have sex with someone besides Ryan? was a thought that played through my mind when I let my guard down. Whether I liked it or not Damon had awakened a curiosity in me and it wasn't something I would be able to easily ignore. That night when I got home I finally broke down and looked at the texts Damon had sent. Aside from the two I woke up to, there were three more from during the day. The first two were more pictures of himself from the night before. The second picture had a caption, "When do I get pictures of you?" I quickly ignored that as best I could, but again my new curious mind started thinking of pictures I could take for him. Two of the other three texts he sent were just saying 'Hello' and asking how my day was going. The third text was a question. "So I suspect you are going to not respond to me anymore now, Boo?" So he was still interested in me! I didn't respond at first. I thought long and hard about it and ...