1. Seattle - A New Beginning (Chapter 2)

    Date: 11/4/2017, Categories: Fiction, Anal, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Enema, Straight Sex, Extreme, Lactation, Mature, Wife / MILF, Author: Dark Lord of Writing, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter 2: The Backdoor “My pussy needs a break, but I have another hole... If you would like to use it.” Samantha said. Though it seemed impossible, my cock grew by easily another inch upon hearing this. “Haha... I'll take that as a yes.” she said and jumped up and walked to a nearby dresser where she pulled out a rather large bottle, it looked like a couple liters, of some kind of oil. Her slim yet curvaceous body had me awestruck. Every move she made was provocatively sensual. Her breasts and ass bounced and jiggled with each elegant motion. I even spotted a reflection from her womanly juices that had flowed down the inside of her shapely leg. “If a lady doesn't enjoy anal, she isn't using enough lube,” Samantha joked as she jumped back onto the bed and kissed my cheek. She leaned toward the night table, opened the second drawer and removed a large beach towel which she placed underneath herself on her side of the bed. She then grabbed a second towel and rolled it into a cylinder. She rolled over, handing me the large bottle of oil, and laid on her stomach with the rolled towel under her near her waist, to help prop her ass into the air for easier access. “Fill me up, baby!” she said. I inspected the bottle of oil. It was similar to any 2 liter bottle, but had a plastic nozzle which was fitted with a open/close valve on the top, but also a smaller relief valve on the side near the bottom of the bottle. I looked at her body. She was face down on the bed, her arms held ... a pillow under her neck and lower jaw. Her beautiful face was facing sideways, resting on the pillow. Her breasts were pressed against her and were squeezed outward creating the most stunning side boob. Her smooth, bare back arched naturally leading to her trim waistline. Then, her shapely, thick ass jutted upward with her legs slightly parted. She placed her hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them further apart to reveal her clean, puckered shit hole. Her legs were sensual, completely hairless, and her soft, delicate feet laid relaxed. “Carefully push the nozzle inside my butt, open the top valve and relief port and I'll tell you when to close them, okay?” instructed Samantha with a soft and caring voice. I did as she said. First, however, I pressed the nozzle into her pussy, which startled her. It was clearly still sensitive. Upon removing the nozzle from her cunt, it was covered in her slippery juices. I then pushed the tip of the nozzle against her puckered ass hole. She understand why I first put it in her pussy. Her juices allowed the nozzle to easily slide inside her ass. I opened the valve near the nozzle and oil began to flow, but then slowed as the pressure reduced inside the bottle. I then opened the relief port and the oil began flowing more quickly again. As it did, I heard Samantha breath in suddenly, “ Ahhh... okay... okay... okaayyy... it feels good... ” Samantha pushed her ass up and down as if trying to rock the oil into her deepest regions. I thought I ...