1. Twins alone late night, outdoor

    Date: 11/4/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Incest, Teen, Straight Sex, Teen, Author: GratefulDudeX100, Source: sexstories.com

    My twin sister Kassie had gotten a bottle of rum earlier in the day from some boy she knew who had gotten it for her after school. She had no real plans for it but she showed it to me later that night after mom and dad went to sleep. It’s was about 11:30pm and it was a school night. Kassie and I sometimes would stay up real late in the basement, playing video games or watching internet videos, even on school nights. We didn’t much care. We were both 18. “Let’s make rum and cokes,” I’d suggested when she showed it to me. So we grabbed some glasses with some ice, tiptoeing as we entered the kitchen. Best not to wake mom and dad this early on in the night, and we went back downstairs. We poured some drinks, going easy on the rum at first. Neither of us were big drinkers. After a cheers or two, we put on some music and just sort of zoned out for a few minutes, sipping the drinks. “Soooo..” said Kassie, “What should we do?” “I dunno,” I said, “I’m good just sitting here, getting tipsy.” We were both at opposite ends of a three seater couch in our finished basement. Kassie was sitting indian style under a blanket and I had my own small blanket over my lap. We took a few more swigs of rum and coke. “You wanna play a game?” said Kassie. “Sure” I said, “What game?” “Leeeeets playyy..” Kassie thought, “Never have I ever!” “Hahaha!” I chuckled, “No, wayyyy. I’m not drunk enough to play that game.” “Lets playyy…” Kassie continued, “I’ll do something for you if you do something for me…” ... This was a game Kassie and I had made up over the years. Although it had been a while since we played it. It started to get a little weird the more we grew up, so we just kind of dropped it. Which is why her suggesting it surprised me a little. Last time we’d played we both stood naked in front of each other for ten whole seconds, counting out loud. The thought of doing that again sort of sparked my curiosity about how Kassie’s body may have changed since the last time. “Haha! Oh my god…” I said, “I dunno about that… Remember last time?” “Haha!” Kassie laughed, “Ehhhh, yeah… maybe not the greatest idea if we’re drinking..” “Yeah..” I said, “Well… I’ll take a big gulp if you take a big gulp.” We both looked at each other for a moment and raised our glasses to our lips, pausing another moment we rose our glasses and began to drink. One gulp.. Two gulps… Then as if a drinking contest had sparked silently, we both chugged the remainder of our rum and cokes. We let out a sigh, and I quickly got up to re-pour more drinks. Kassie sat, chin resting on her hand, pondering as I gave her her drink. I sat back down under my blanket. “I will…” Kassie began saying slowly, “Show you my butt… for two seconds… if yooooou… dry hump the pole… foooor.. 4 seconds.” We had a pole in the den in the middle of the room. It was more of a support beam, and Kassie and I used to dare each other to act like strippers on it, and laugh at each other. I remember her doing an alright job, once acting like a ...